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Issue #14 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
With regard to editing down content, I think Grim has been doing just fine. There is a good variety of stuff, lots of different writers (a feat in itself, given how small our hobby is), and the whole mishmash presents a vibrant, if discordant, fan space.

I recognize that some of the writing is amateur, wordy, or whatever, but it covers content I absolutely can't read anywhere else. It's plenty good enough. And every amateur writer who gets an article published here becomes a super fan who invites all his gaming buddies to download. Just like me.

Personally I would adopt a slightly more strenuous editing policy, only to tighten up some of the more obvious flaws, and this could include sending annotated articles back for revision and resubmission. But I'd want very much to preserve each writers stylistic voice, and especially preserve the diversity of content. I might also consider soliciting specific articles or reviews that might particularly flesh out an issue or boost the hobby. But on the whole I'd give Grim an A for the whole magazine.

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