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The keys of medokh - walter - 04-17-2011

For those players who remember this game..
I have found the game rules online...

Here they are:

Any other player tried this game in the past? Huh

RE: The keys of medokh - JonO - 04-17-2011

I remember it as being around in the way-back, but never played it. I can't imagine that they got a lot of takers who wanted to play in the revival given how negatively they approached the fact that it wasn't finished.

RE: The keys of medokh - Greybeard - 09-18-2015

Sadly, this happens a lot in PBM. It happened to Midgard UK, which sunk it. Then another outfit tried to launch it, and got as far as starting a website for it, but then no more was heard from them. The website closed a couple of years ago.

By the way, the link Walter gave for Company Commander rules also leads to a closed website.

Rimworlds may be a possibility: for those interested in space odyssey, a relatively thriving branch of pbm. Go for it Jon0.

RE: The keys of medokh - walter - 09-18-2015

In 2011 the website was still up. I just don't update message from 4 years ago Greybeard

RE: The keys of medokh - GrimFinger - 09-18-2015

Try this link, instead, gentlemen:

RE: The keys of medokh - Greybeard - 09-19-2015

Ta, Grim