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Far Horizons Space PBeM - Fungus - 08-22-2021

Far Horizons is an active, free, open-ended space opera PBeM which has been recently relaunched from sourcecode released in 1999.

The game is played weekly, with turns as a series of orders submitted via email to the GM before Monday evenings Pacific US time.

Players control a species in the galaxy, newly capable of interstellar travel. The goal for each species is to utilise the resources they have to hand and build ships and technology for exploration, colonisation, development and warfare: for the galaxy is a finite place, and the other species are as desperate for your resources as you are for theirs...

The game is currently 15 turns in, and is currently looking for some new players to replace some of the NPC species in the game. Scan the game manual (link below) for a sense of the wide-ranging technology available in the game, and the basic mechanics. New players will receive support and will be given the history of the turn results for theĀ species they adopt.

game Manual:
Email for signup:

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