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Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-18-2020

I see that several players have already picked up their starting reports.  I hope that everyone likes their new galactic positions!

Please feel free to talk about your play and learning experiences on the forum here, but be cautious about publicly revealing any secret information about your empire (such as specific star locations) that may later be used against you.

Once you start bumping into other empires you'll be able to send them diplomatic messages on the web site, to make threats or offers or whatever, empire-to-empire without revealing your personal identity.

Feel free to ask any questions you have here, too.  Other players may want to know the same answers that you do, or may have answers for you themselves.

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Lugh - 05-18-2020

Davin, I like my new galactic position!  Thanks for offering us that awesome deal!

To the assorted scoundrels infesting my beautiful galaxy...

Have at thee, Star Scum!!

Big Grin

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-18-2020

Oh, I can see that this is going to get interesting!

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Hatch - 05-22-2020

I have no fear of revealing who I am! The Libertines will quickly wash the galaxy clean of Lugh and his minions.

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-22-2020

What about the ones that AREN'T his minions?  Gonna take care of them as well or make alliances with them against the more despicable rabble?

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-22-2020

BTW, in the early days of Galac-Tac the players were encouraged to invent a (usually very alien) race to role-play with their ships, colonies, and communications.  This is still a lot of fun if you wish to improvise any such personal characterization.

I remember a sentient race of bipedal cats, for instance.  The supreme leader had his chief engineer executed because the sliding automatic door on the starship bridge closed on his tail before he was all the way through.

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Lugh - 05-23-2020

(05-22-2020, 06:57 PM)Hatch Wrote: I have no fear of revealing who I am! The Libertines will quickly wash the galaxy clean of Lugh and his minions.

According to the Human's Oracle of Knowledge, Wikipedia...
Quote:Libertines put value on physical pleasures, meaning those experienced through the senses.

With this in mind...

Pew Pew Pew would like to suggest that their honorable foe, the Libertines, should open the nearest airlock and step outside to experience the briskness of deep space and feast their eyes upon the glorious beauty of the cosmos.  This experience is made even more pleasurable if performed while in the nude. Those bulky spacesuits won't let you feel all those wondrous sensations that outer space can offer!

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-29-2020

By the way...  for you new players I thought that I'd mention a difference between playing Galac-Tac on the web versus the paper version.  With traditional paper turns you send in your turn only once.  But on the web you're allowed to update it as many times as desired during the turn.  Your last submission will be what is processed.  In this way, you may submit orders early during the turn cycle with most of the basic commands that you'll need and then have an opportunity to think about other possibilities.  You can then spend more time planning your more strategic decisions and resubmit your turn later with additional commands or with changes to the previous commands.  If you don't get a chance to finish your planning before the end of the turn, then at least your basic commands will be in and processed so you don't fall behind.  (It's especially important not to fall behind during the first several turns of the game.)

I hope that helps!

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Lugh - 05-31-2020

The clock ticks so sssssslllllllloooooowwwwlllllllyyyyy when waiting for the turn to run!!! Sad

RE: Galaxy #99 has started - Davin - 05-31-2020

It ..... does ..... It ..... surely ..... does !

You don't have much longer to wait to see how many 10's you charted - the deadline is tonight!