Full Version: Middle Earth Play by Mail, New Games starting if you want to play!
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War in Middle Earth has raged throughout the Ages, and we have a module for each age with games reglarly starting up.

Find out more here!

Actual Games waiting to start are listed below.

The following new games are filling up.
1650 GB 2 wk (Game 99) 5 nations available (2nation game)
1650 2 wk (Game 2) 1 nations available
1650 1 wk (Game4) 21 nations available
2950 2 wk (Game229) 22 nations available
1000 2 wk (Game145) 20 nations available
Kinstrife 621 8 nations available

Grudge Games we need opposition for:
Untold War
4th age

I have the following drop-outs available - don't forget you get MULTIPLE free turns for GB and a single one for normal game for taking these up:

GB 2 pairs
2950 None
1650 None
1000 None
Kinstrife None