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Grim's editorial about GUIs convinced me that to wait for the development of the game client to finish before running a game is unnecessary. Though, we may disagree in particulars, Grim and I both agree that imagination and a text medium are core components of PBM. Moreover, we agree that PBM can make a come back.

So, without further ado, I am announcing the first game of Far Horizons: The Awakening.

Far Horizons: The Awakening
Galaxy Alpha
The beginning is now. Having successfully tested a faster-than-light interstellar drive, you are among the first of a new lineage of lifeforms with the potential to explore and claim for your own the wonders and mysteries of the galaxy.

You now stand poised on the edge of a precipice. The dangers of ahead are many. The rewards are great, the penalty for failure is oblivion. Will you set your sights on the far horizon? Will you reach out to the stars and claim themfor your own?

Be careful... there others out there in the black.

Details+Signups | Game Manual

Note: I haven't canceled or paused the game client application. It is still in development, but there is no reason to put off hosting a game until it is finished.
The game start is imminent!

I have added the game's policies to the website.

We'll be starting with a tidy sum of 9 or 10 players. I'm waiting on one player to fix his registration, then we're off!
I posted your e-mail about the game last night, on a couple of different sites. Hopefully, it helped you to gain an extra player or two.
We now have 10 players! I am quite pleased, in less than a week we've got a nice mix of new and old FH players. Sign ups are now closed... though if you email me quick (before I post the game start announcement in the next hour or so) I might be able to get you in.
The game has started! Turn one packets are out. Check your email!

The first deadline is Sunday March 20
  • 13:00 UTC
  • 9:00 AM EDT
  • 6:00 AM PDT
Now to figure out what the Hell to do.
Turn 2 - 6 of 10 orders received. Unfortunately one player had to drop out before turn 1.
Good news! Thanks to prozenfeld, we found a player to fill that 11th position.
Excellent work, Prozenfeld.
Turn 3 reports sent!

The next deadline is Sunday March 27:
  • 13:00 UTC
  • 9:00 AM EDT
  • 6:00 AM PDT
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