Full Version: Voidspeak PBM blog launched
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A few days ago, I decided to launch a new blog, one that I titled Voidspeak. You can find it over on the Flagship magazine website, in the Blogs section of their forums.

With Flagship's editor, Carol Mulholland, presently sidelined by health considerations, and with hardly anyone else posting in the forums there, I really felt that it was a shame for Flagship's forums to become the equivalent of a ghost town. So, I opted to create a blog there, something to post some short entries about something PBM related.

I titled it Voidspeak, since I view it to be a blog from across the vast void of the play by mail universe, one speaking to a PBM diaspora scattered to the furthermost reaches of the play by mail universe. Since most PBM gamers will likely never even know about this blog, much less read it, I view it to be akin to speaking into a void.