Full Version: Returning PBEM player
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Greetings, one and all!

I'm a one time PBM player (I played a PBM game whose name I do not remember back in the early nineties for a few turns) and also an old PBEM player. Though I admit, I can hardly be called a hardened PBEM veteran. I played the commercial version of Olympia G2 for a while, and also a game called Smuggler's Run (which I would really like to play again sometime.) I took a few year hiatus, and came back to PBEM to temporarily play in Olympia G3 and G4. I've also played in Atlantis. Recently, I've started to get into paid PBEM's again, and am trying my hand at a few trial games and low-cost intros.

In my dreams, I'd still like to create a computer-moderated PBEM of my own. I'm convinced I'm capable of programming one, if given enough time. Whether or not it would be any good? That's the real question, isn't it?  Big Grin

Anyway, I'm looking forward to hanging around here, and having a little fun. Glad to be here!

EDIT: For anyone who has information on Smuggler's Run, and if it would be possible to resurrect some source code or get it going again, I would love to hear it!
Welcome aboard, CantripMaestro!