Full Version: Flying Buffalo to Rick Loomis PBM
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I got an e-mail earlier this week from Flying Buffalo.  They have sold all of the Face to Face games (RPG, Card, etc.) they own to another company along with the domain name Flying Buffalo.  They have set up a new site for the PBM games at  Nothing there yet really but the e-mail address to contact them but it states they will be announcing something soon.
Thanks for the info
It looks like the new website is now down.
Hopefully he will have that up and running again soon. 

I did just receive the 1st issue of their new Newsletter.  Four pages long, complete with an announcement about the changes, a comic strip, a strategy article regarding one of their games (Heroic Fantasy) and the list of closed ended game winners in the last 3 years.
Was it by email or by post?
It was email. I got it also.

The website is coming back to life, but the links to the game pages 404 as of yesterday.
The strategy article that was included in the newsletter was written by Michael A Stackpole.  You Star Wars Expanded Universe fans may remember him for writing a few novels of the Star Wars X-Wing series of books, Rogue Squadron, Wedge's Gamble and others.  He also wrote several of the novels from the Battletech game.