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Ok, COVID has been with us for about a year now and even though vaccines are beginning to be administered we're still trying to remain socially distant. Therefore, to encourage more PBM-style playtime while we're foregoing our usual in-person activities, I've given all current players ANOTHER year of free Galac-Tac playtime. Anybody new that wants to start playing now can also get this additional bonus by requesting it before the end of this month.
Playing Galac-Tac has been one of the few good things to happen to me during this pandemic. You are very generous to give us another year of free play in your addictive game!

Thank you, Davin!
any interest in getting another game going? happy to pay (definitely wanna keep GMs in business!) if there is interest in a new round?
I'd be happy to have another game going! Anyone that's already playing can also play in additional games at the same time at no additional cost. There's still plenty of free play time on many accounts out there and I'm still offering 12 free months of play after the first paid month ($5) for new sign-ups.

I would probably suggest using a 2-week turnaround, though, as a turn every week is often difficult to keep up with without missing turns due to life's interruptions. Of course, any active player also has full access to solo game play (with instant turns) against the computer, for learning, practice, and experimentation.

Galaxy #113 has a few players interested in playing already, and is open for more players to join, if anyone would like to jump on in there. We need several more players to join in before starting in order to make it an interesting game, full of competition and conflict.

For new players, there are introductory articles available that can get you started quickly, so you'll have plenty of time to read the full manual and practice. And there's free game assistant software available to make playing (especially map visualization) easier.

Who's interested in some fun?
signed up for galaxy #113 - anyone else not yet playing, why not do the same!
Fungus, why not create a solo game while you're waiting, read the introductory articles if you like, and try your hand at a few turns? Then you can tell us all about your experiences right here.
great idea, will do!
Oh, and don't forget to add Galac-Tac to your sig line now!  Big Grin
Feel free to ask any game-play questions you have, too.
Davin - I definitely want to try Galac-Tac, I just need to get my game load down first. It's out of control presently.
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