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Hello, everyone!  I've been asked to introduce myself here.

My name is Davin Church and I'm the primary owner of Talisman Games.  The company actually began in 1982 and has changed names several times over the years.  It was started back then by Jon Capps, who ran the games, and I helped him program the original game, Galac-Tac, which is still running!  Jon and I are both approaching retirement age now and Jon gave up hoping to revive Talisman Games (since the PBM industry had dwindled so much), so he gave me the company and games in order to spend his time on other endeavors.  I brought up Galac-Tac on the web (while keeping the original PBM look and feel) and I'm continuing to run new games as interest permits.  My partners and I are working on reprogramming Midgard for the web to bring it back to life, but it's been an exceptionally slow process because we're also trying to make a living elsewhere at the same time.

I'm a programmer, by trade, since the days of mainframe computers in the 1970s.  My favorite language has been and still is a little-known one called APL, and that's what Galac-Tac is written in (with most of the original code still unchanged from 1982) and what Midgard is being rewritten into.  I have only limited experience playing PBMs, having spent most of my playtime on Galac-Tac.  But I've played many other kinds of games over the years, on and off computers, especially the older ones such a Dungeons and Dragons (which I started playing in the mid-70s when it was brand new).
I salute you Davin, so very much! Plus you have been playing Dungeons and Dragons as long as I have, damn were getting old!!!
It is great to see someone has picked up and running with bringing this game Midgard back to life again. I look forward to playing the game again. Some people view this game as a more complex War Game. I view it as both a War Game and Fantasy RPG game. I like the added color to the game play that Special Actions bring to the game. Skills also add to the flavor for both the War Game side and RPGer side too.

I don't mind saying I enjoy roleplaying the darker side of the game and that is SOA, Pirates (Buccaneers), Bandits, Serkenar, Barbarians/Skelts, Seekers, Cult of the Dark One. These other factions added to the color of the game and greatly added to the fun with the rest of the game. We should re-adding these factions or similar ones back into the game play for those of us that wish to play their color have that directions to play in. Also re-open Kalmar again as well.

I understand you wish to get the core elements going first, but remember too there are quite a few of us that were involved in standing up and playing the others factions for a reason. Basically the older core factions were good, but they just were lacking certain elements that these other factions brought to the game and enough people played them to bring them all to life in the game. So remember many of the older gamers are gone, and many of the newer players could also return too if the elements they enjoyed were also returned to the game. Don't forget the whole of the former gamer's collective. All these factions were game balanced and did add to the game.
Once I get the code running, the biggest problem I'm going to have is controlling the amount of time I have available to spend on things like special actions.  I'm helping that somewhat by coding the more common requests into the turn actions and allowing for more dynamic interactivity in turn processing.  We'll have to see how far I can go with such measures to help reduce GM time requirements.
It sounds like with your upgraded code, your going to illiminate a lot of the manual data entry or other types of matters. With a more expanded code and a stronger 'combat engine', you should be able to have a lot more time free to do 'other things'. That being said that would open up time for 'Special Actions'. The SA's are what makes you the GM and the game and the player clans have fun with the game.
As old as I'm getting, time is a precious commodity, so I'm saving it wherever I can.
Hmmm I feel this does apply: ' Its Better to Burn Out than Fade Away'!
Davin, I guess I better point out that the average age of the long time players for this PBM game in their late 50's and early 60's. We are a greying to white haired bunch.
I resemble that remark!

Yeah, I know that's how it goes. We've all been around a long time.
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