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Strategic vs. tactical is a difficult discussion. The terms are squishy and people have different interpretations of them. I probably should have clarified how I was using those terms when I categorized the various games, including yours (Davin for Galac-Tac). There are some strategic-oriented games I classified as tactical in my list, because they are more about achieving objectives than they are about civilization building. I was using the term more like grand strategy as how some boardgames are classified.

The more meaningful classification might just be open ended vs. victory-based. The only open-ended space games are SuperNova, Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire, Regime Change, Riftlords, and Takamo. Riftlords is more a trading game than anything else (it could be cities in Europe instead of star systems), and both Regime Change and Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire, from what I know of them, are more space opera oriented than your classic "create a race + empire and then explore the stars" type of games. Only SuperNova fits that bill. Takamo doesn't have a race and empire customization experience - you pick from a set of positions. All players that colonize planets are the same on Turn 0.
I certainly agree about the squishiness of the terminology. Even Galac-Tac's name doesn't really invoke the "grow as big as you can" goal. And of course it's a closed (victory) style game, too.
I have recently started playing this. The suggestions by Spiff in this section for the initial first few turns were incredibly helpful to get going. I look forward to seeing where this game takes me. Like with TribeNet, I love the idea of open-ended play where you can dedicate yourself for years to growing and steering your empire.

It has a very rich set of resources and technologies, and shares much of the complexity of Phoenix:BSE, though without the latter's affiliation/faction aspect and no special actions. There appear to be very few roleplay opportunities in the game, along with rather limited player community participation.

But the fun comes from exploring and colonising your corner of the vast galaxy, exploiting your local resources and maximising your production capability to allow you to reach further, and build a fleet that can overcome opponents and withstand attack upon your soil. It can be a long time before your empire meets another, so plenty of time to get yourself organised!
Most of the community in SN is in the back channels with your group of buddies, allies etc.  I have been in an alliance that has been going for 15+ years, through thick and thin and we had a great deal of the community that some miss here, it was just private to a group of players.  Being so far apart in a galaxy where you don't know where you are in relation to anybody else makes it a bit more challenging.

In addition, SN has attracted a large inmate population and they do not have access to forums, email outside of corrlinks, and other common forms of community.  Perhaps it will pick up with new blood.  Smile

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