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Galaxy #149 is starting!
Big Grin 
Talisman Games has great news! Game 149 has finally reached a minimum number of sign-ups to create an exciting, challenging galaxy. This game will have a FOUR WEEK turnaround, to accommodate the needs of postal mail players far and wide. Web players and postal players will compete for the ultimate prize of galactic domination! There's a special prize for the winner (and runner-up, if any):  free or discounted future play time! If you would like to join the fun and be a part of this new galaxy, please sign up on the web before the game begins on SATURDAY, APRIL 15th.  The initial game report will be created on that date, and sign-ups will be closed for this galaxy.
The more the merrier - or the messier, as neighbors closer together encounter each other earlier in the game and have to contend for expansion opportunities. Who will take the lead in the first critical turns? It could be you!
Sign up to play at

Don't forget that Galac-Tac galaxy #149 is starting this weekend! If you'd like to play in a slow galaxy with 4-week turns then you must sign up by Friday, April 14th to be included. Starting positions will be assigned and reports generated on Saturday morning. The more competition there is, the more fun the game will be for all the players. Make new friends! Make new enemies! And don't forget the award to be given for the galaxy winner and runner-up. Sign up at <> and join the fun!
Galaxy #149 has begun play! All of those signed up to play in it are encouraged to pick up their positions and start planning their conquest of the galaxy.

If this does not keep you busy enough, sign up to play in another galaxy at the same time!
For those of you playing in galaxy #149, remember that TODAY is the deadline for the first turn!
How is this game of Galac-Tac going, and how many players are playing in it?
This game is moving along, albeit slowly with a 4-week turn cycle. But I still have by-mail players in it as well as some web-based competition for them. I can't tell you how many are actually there, though, because that would spoil the surprise of finding someone you didn't know about later in the game.

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