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Hello everyone
Well, I am Rodger Parks, GM of The Lands of Nevron:  The Tweel.  I have been a gamer for too many years to recount, and have been involved in RPG's almost as long.  Generally I am the GM.  Ian Affleck created The Lands of Nevron and in 2019 asked me to start a new section of the Lands.  Ian and I long cooperated on the Lands, discussing rules, changes to the format, and how to expand the game.  Sadly Ian passed in 2020 and the world is a lesser place for it.
I have played several different PBM's, Obviously The Lands of Nevron, but also World War IV, You Rule!, Saturnalia, War Thunder, and a few others I can no longer remember.  I believe PBM or PBeM is the way to go for gaming as too often it is difficult to get a proper group together.  This satisfies that itch.
Hi Rodger,

I’ve only just read this, and wasn’t aware that Ian had died. I’m so sorry to hear that. I played for a few turns, but for some reason couldn’t get along with it. It may have been the fact that I’d not played Rolemaster in 35 years and couldn’t remember the system.

I’m so sorry to hear of his family’s and your loss. This explains the column in the latest Unearthed.

Great to hear that you’re carrying on his legacy.

Love to all who knew Ian, however tangentially.

R x
Hi Rich,
  Nevron has its challenges, but Ian has stressed the Roleplay more than the Rollplay if you get my drift.  I have worked to make the intrusion of the system less obvious in my turns.  I try to make it more descriptive to show when skills are used, rather the blatant (You Rolled X vs your skill).
  I think I will post a few sample turns of other players as well, with their permissions of course.

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