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Facebook Article - 08/22/2022

Nothing quite like falling, when you least expect it.

I don't think that anything's broken.

It does seem rather odd, though, that I fell (was pushed??) on the same day that I received my turn results for Hyborian War.

Two wrists, one knee, one hand, and my forehead we're casualties. I'll probably be sore, tomorrow, but all things considered, I should be fine.

Maybe I should add one of my shoulders to the injured list. My forehead impacted a patch of clover, rather than a cement sidewalk 2 to 3 inches away. That was very fortunate.
Meanwhile, I was able to devour my Chick-fil-A sandwich that I had stopped off for, on the way home. Apparently, I twisted my ankle, somehow. I'm always lecturing my sisters about how easy that it is to fall, but today, I decided to give an actual demonstration.

Go figure!

Yeah, this isn't specifically PBM-related, but it does impact my ability to do some things, today, that are PBM-related. Sorry!

I might just treat myself to a nap, today.

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