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Into the dungeon - A Heroic Fantasy Log
I’m new to PBM and thought I’d make a log of my first game, the old-school dungeon crawler Heroic Fantasy.

I contacted Rick Loomis PBM a couple of weeks ago and sent my initial payment and character sheet. The first turn sheet took a while to get through the mail to the UK (around 15 days ! I've joined the 'slow' monthly game to allow for this) so I need to send in my order sheet asap to ensure it gets there by the 25th of August !

Some photos of what I received:

It arrived !


What's inside ?


Order sheet


I'll update more as I play through the game.
I contacted Chuck and he said it was fine to return my turn orders via email, so that takes the pressure off me posting it back. Not sure I will get to do much more than go to the store and buy some potions or weapons for my first orders.
Wow. Still using dot matrix printers.
Real retro feel  Big Grin I like it !
One of the bits of paper still had the sprocket holes attached !
I sent my initial orders via email.

They consisted of:
  • moving my strongest character to the shop (Grimtooth's Emporium) ready to purchase some items. You get some Gold to start, but it's only assigned to your first character (or perhaps the one with the highest Cost ?)
  • 'spying' on an NPC in the Entrance Room to find out more about their stats and what they are carrying
  • moving two other characters in different directions to try to ascertain what is beyond those rooms (starting to create a map of the dungeon)

So, not a very exciting start, but taking things slow until I get the hang of things. I'll report back with my turn results in a few weeks time !
Did your team of adventurers die?  What happened after you hit the shops?

No characters have died so far. I've hardly got to do much really.

I moved a couple of characters further into the dungeon and then we had a lot of postal strikes in the UK, so I received my turn results after the deadline ! Angry  That means my characters automatically stay in the same place with "double strength" (according to Chuck at Rick Loomis PBM).

Once I get the next turn through the post (middle of November hopefully), I'll update with what happened.

Playing a monthly turn makes for a VERY slow game, but that suits me. I have a lot of hobbies and still work full-time. I also play an En Garde! PBM game, and that requires more grey-matter to mull over.

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