The Map of Alamaze

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The map portrays the "active" regions of Alamaze, wherein all game actions take place. The map is divided into 26 rows and columns labeled "A" - "Z", for a total of 676 squares called "Areas". (Each square is an area.) An area is identified by cross-indexing the label from each axis, placing the vertical axis label first. Thus, "AA" identifies the upper left most area - the northwest corner. Similarly, "AZ" is the northeastern most area and "ZA" is the southwestern most area. Each area is dominated by one of six terrain types: plains, forest, mountain, marsh, desert, or sea. Terrain affects both movement and combat, but does so according to the kingdom in question. Each area of the map is considered to be comprised of only the dominant terrain type for purposes of both movement and combat. In the case of Order #140 (Reconnaissance in Force of Unusual Sighting) it is entirely possible that the patrol will find itself in a secondary terrain type for purposes of the encounter.

The map displays the twelve major cities of Alamaze. Cities are the primary source of both civilian population and revenue for a kingdom. Several important elements do not appear on the map, and are left for the player to discover. These include:

  • The boundaries of the ten regions into which Alamaze is divided. Control of these regions is normally critical to victory.
  • Scores of towns and villages peppered throughout Alamaze.
  • Locations of various "unusual sightings” which in some way vary from the more normal surroundings. Forces coming into contact with these unusual elements will be advised in the Status Update under the heading "Encounters with Unusual Things".
  • It is possible that at any time the start up positions of any or all kingdoms could be altered.

While there have been traditional homes for the many races and kingdoms the upheaval of various wars may alter where kingdoms are situated in any particular scenario.