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Each of the fifteen players in ALAMAZE is the guiding spirit of a kingdom. Kingdoms vary with the scenario of ALAMAZE being played.

Each kingdom is unique. Initial population, revenue and agricultural bases, troop numbers, quality of troops, leaders, magical potential, political strength, movement capabilities, seapower, capabilities in various terrains, costs of maintaining an army, extent of an intelligence/espionage network and many other factors vary from kingdom to kingdom. In addition, each kingdom has special rules or considerations which apply to it alone and can lay claim to victory through its individual victory condition. What follows are a few notes on these kingdoms which are known by all heads of state:

Darkelven (DA) - The Darkelves remain one of the most mysterious societies. They are well respected for having many strengths, including persuasive statesmen, impressive wizards, clever agents and a well-balanced military. They are infamous for their hatred of their distant cousins, the Elves. The new Darkelven king seems determined to overcome the problems of a beleaguered economy and relatively small military in order to expand greatly upon the frontiers of the Darkelven kingdom.

Dwarven (DW)- The Dwarves are an ancient people of Alamaze. Nearly unbeatable in their native mountains, they are hampered by their limited mobility and scant navy elsewhere. There remains much heritage in the Dwarven ruling line, and the venerable Dwarven king's influence is well established. Recently, rumor has circulated that an agricultural failing is of deep concern to the king. Cavalry is virtually unknown to the Dwarves, but their infantry is well armed and its soldiers steady under fire.

Elven (EL) - The Elven king rules the Northwestern forest. The history of the Elves is the longest of all peoples save the Dragons, and some of its great heroes survive today, including its great Marshal Glorin, leader of its military. The Eleven army relies heavily on its experienced bowmen, and secondly on its noble cavalry. Elven numbers are not great, however. The Elven king is well respected, if not well liked everywhere, and his counsel is often sought. The Elven position in Alamaze has enjoyed much stability through the centuries.

Giant (GI) - The Giants have historically been detached from the affairs of the other kingdoms, and little is known of their history. The Giants vary from 7' to 15' in height, with 9' being about average. No sane commander would challenge them with even numbers. However, the Giants, more than any other kingdom, suffer from few numbers. The current Giant king is quite a colorful figure and has ambitious plans for the formally isolationist giants.

Gnome (GN) - The Gnomes are believed to populate the southwestern mountains of Alamaze. Like their Dwarven cousins, they are a wealthy kingdom. Unlike the Dwarves, however, the Gnomes are known to have developed an interest in magic. Historically the Gnomes have been lightly regarded. The current king resents this impression and feels the time has come for more of Alamaze to benefit from Gnomish culture.

Ranger (RA) - The Ranger kingdom historically has shown scant interest in expanding its rather small realm. Current political climate in Alamaze indicates this may soon change, however. The Ranger king has expressed discontent at the increasing number of skirmishes in the lands around his territory, and the lack of a power strong enough to maintain order throughout the land. It is felt by many that he may take this role upon himself. Although their military is of small size, the Rangers' fighting ability is well respected by all.

Sorcerer (SO) - The Sorcerer is regarded as the most accomplished wizard remaining in Alamaze since the passing of the Dark Mage at the end of the last age. At least one of his rivals will dispute that claim. The military he commands is thought to be of suspect ability without his presence and the lands now under his control uncertain, but none but the foolish will take lightly the Sorcerer. The real intentions of this arcane master are currently unknown.

Underworld (UN) - The Underworld has historically been regarded more as a guild for thieves and assassins, not a legitimate kingdom. That perception has slowly been changed until now the current leader of this underground network is believed strong enough to dramatically affect future events for all kingdoms. Undoubtedly the greatest agents belong to this association. What other powers the Underworld now commands are uncertain.

Warlock (WA) - The Warlock actively opposed the Dark Mage in the great struggle marking the passing of the last Age. Despite this, he is still mistrusted by many peoples of Alamaze. Of late, he has dropped nearly from sight for reasons known only to him. He is believed to harbor his strength in the central regions of the continent. His military is regarded as adequate and adaptable.

Witchlord (WI) - A terrible rumor has recently begun. Even if the potential of its validity is remote, it is worthy of attention. For if it is true that the Dark Mage has not left Alamaze, but survived and is now in the form of the one called the Witchlord, there is cause for great concern. Though little of substance is known of this new wizard from the south, reliable sources indicate his military is well trained and equipped. He has established a considerable kingdom in remarkably short time.

Ancient Ones (AN) - The Ancient Ones were not even known to exist until correlations in events throughout history recently proved the existence of a behind-the-scenes power. This mysterious kingdom manipulates others to maintain order in the world, subverting the efforts of those through secret political organizations. There are only a handful of these beings, but they seem nearly immortal. It is doubtful that the Ancient Ones would maintain a formidable military, and will in all likelihood maintain a low profile in all regards. Still, they seem able to influence events unlike any solitary king. Little else is known of them.

Red Dragon (RD) - The Red Dragons are the largest, most power creatures in Alamaze. But they are even fewer in number and somewhat slower moving than their hated rivals, the Black Dragons. Only the most foolhardy foe would dare to engage the Red Dragon without greatly outnumbering him.

Troll (TR) - The Trolls have risen to contest the rulership of Alamaze. Formerly considered far too few in number to make an impact, they are now regenerating at an alarming rate. The Tyrant of the Troll Uprising is not to be trifled with. Trolls and the monsters that often accompany them are very difficult to overcome in combat but are initially limited politically, economically, and magically. Time, however, is on the side of the Troll Tyrant who would seek to claim all Alamaze as his own.

Black Dragon (BL) - The Black Dragons are the swiftest moving of all the kingdoms. While not as large or powerful as their enemy, the Red Dragon, they are never-the-less a potent military force with their ability to hit fast and avoid major damage from all but the best prepared opponents. They have historically been known to occupy gold-rich areas and have developed a good political base to help off-set their more military orientated enemy.

Demon Princes (DE) - The Demon Princes are hellish godlings who appear to have always diametrically opposed the Ancient Ones. They are terrible in their wrath and conquer through fear and intimidation. They can travel inter-dimensionally, “gating” into population centers undeterred by walls or garrison.

The following kingdoms are not presently in Alamaze Classic, but may reappear:

Barbarian (BA) - These raiders from the north have contributed greatly to the recent chaos in Alamaze. Previously divided internally, the fierce Barbarians appear to have united, and have made frequent and forceful incursions across the Sea of Terror into lands they now lay claim to. They are strong and quite fearless in combat, rarely retreating. They are believed to now be in control of the sea lanes in the Sea of Terror.

Halfling (HA) - Nearly opposite of the Giants are the diminutive Halflings. These likeable denizens of many lands are masters in the marketplace, and frequently underestimated in combat. The Halflings have traded with virtually every race in Alamaze at one time or other. Most kings feel (or hope) trade will continue to be the focus of the little people. Nomadic (NO) - The other kingdoms have named the scattered tribes of southern men the Nomadic Kingdoms. The Nomads are great in number and swift moving. They too have dealings with many nations and the Nomadic king is typically a significant and pivotal ruler. Their light cavalry is at its best in the desert where they have developed tactics unfamiliar to the other kings.

Paladin (PA) - The Paladins are an offshoot of the kingdom of Westmen, representing a departure from that land due to ideological differences. The Paladins are not loved by all kingdoms, but both their political and military abilities are beyond question. Some feel it is they who shall lead any future "Great Alliance". Their well armored military featuring heavy cavalry is considered deadly in the plains, if not very mobile elsewhere.

Swampmen (SW) - The Swampmen too, have a long legacy in Alamaze. Their strange and widely scattered cultures are considered to be the most foreign to all the other peoples in the land. Their physical appearance varies greatly from family to family and tribe to tribe, some of which appear much like men. The Swampmen are of prolific numbers, but their king has thus far been unable to focus his people on a common cause, primarily because of the great distances which separate the various tribes. Magic is known to this people, despite a military which appears quite backward to most.

Urik (UR) -The Urik kingdom is comprised of a number of goblin-like races that more than amply populate the eastern lands. Although they supported the Dark Mage in the last great struggle, the current king insists his predecessors were forced to do so or face annihilation. This new Urik king appears to have the dominating character needed to hold together the hordes of Uriks. In addition, he has worked diligently to earn the trust of the other kings. Brigades of Uriks normally consist of many more troops than other kingdoms.

Westmen (WE) - It was the Westmen who played the lead role in the victory of the "Great Alliance" over the slave armies of the Dark Mage decades ago. Soon after this victory, the Westmen relaxed their strong military grip, and the new ruling line was scorned for being too soft by some who formed their own kingdom further east (the Paladins). Still, it remains the Westmen who are regarded as the most likely leaders of a possible "Second Great Alliance", should the need arise, so the Westmen king carries great influence.