The Game Cycle

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In ALAMAZE, the turn cycle varies based on the game setup specifics. In general, a turn will be at maximum four days, faster games may have a shorter cycle, and games may process ahead of the maximum time allowed if all players indicate they are ready, by having submitted their commands for the turn. Each turn all players are forwarded a Status Update, which details the results of actions taken when completing the Turn Input Sheet, and other events dictated by the current campaign situation.

The Status Update will always specify the time and date due (the date by which the player's next Turn Input Sheet must have been received by ENLIGHTENED AGE in order to be processed). Players should always get their Turn Input Sheet submitted well before the deadline, to avoid the risk of missing a turn. All active players will receive a Status Update (and incur the turn fee) each turn even if the Turn Input Sheet was late arriving and therefore not processed. Production will occur and standing orders will be executed even without new orders being received.