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Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire

This is a game in which rival factions, known as affiliations, compete for supremacy within the collection of star systems known simply as the Peripheries. This is achieved through roleplaying and strategic control of starbases, spaceships, and politicians.

The game, while technically brilliant, is merely a simulator for a futuristic setting. It is, actually, the affiliations that make the game interesting, and their constant rivalry, skulduggery, narrow-mindedness, and power grabbing politics breathe life into the bare bones of the programs. These affiliations are controlled by groups of players.

Beyond the Stellar Empire, the game from which Phoenix arose, started in 1992, and had been played continually, up until the launch of Phoenix.

This decade witnessed a lot of action, culminating in the current political set-up. This natural progression has meant that the game is unrivaled, for sheer depth of history and dedicated players.

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