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Home of Legends PBM: Explore and conquer vibrant and original worlds that stretch the limits of imagination and possibility.

Website: http://www.harlequingames.com/

Email us...

  • Email: pbm@harlequingames.com

Telephone us... (Monday - Friday, noon - 6.30pm)

  • Telephone: +44 (0)29 2062 5665

Or write to us...

Harlequin Games Office B 340 North Road Cardiff CF14 3BP UK

Games and former games

Harlequin currently runs Legends, a game system with unique modules:

Adventures in Avalon Blood Tides Rising Crown of Chaos Immortals’ Realm North Island Swords of Pelarn The One Ring Twilight Crusade

Former games include:

Amaranth Battle for the Planets Crack of Doom CTF 2187 Exile Premier Football Serim Ral Star Quest


Edward Lane

Edward is the main Legends GM, and is pretty sure that gremlins have been sneaking work into his in-tray when he isn’t looking, otherwise his workload really ought to fit more easily into a normal day.

When not working he plays board games, juggles, and spends the rest of his time doing stuff with his wife Michelle.

Ross Inglis

Ross Inglis is the Canadian guardian of the Legends code. Before he joined Harlequin, he had some Legends success, managing to be in a winning team five times, and in another two that he foolishly dropped before his side went on to win.

These days, he goes paragliding when the weather is good, and plays board games when the weather is bad. His enthusiasm for games is so great he has willingly playtested new ones for Reiner Knizia on a weekly basis for the last 10 years.