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(Notable company personalities former and present)
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* Overseas Players: +44 (0)29 2062 5665
* Overseas Players: +44 (0)29 2062 5665
* UK Players: 029 2062 5665  
* UK Players: 029 2062 5665  
'''Fax us...'''
* Overseas Players: +44 (0)29 2062 5532
* UK Players: 029 2062 5532
'''Or write to us...'''
'''Or write to us...'''
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== Games and former games ==
== Games and former games ==
* [[Amaranth]]
* [[Amaranth]] - former game
* [[Battle of the Planets]]
* [[Battle for the Planets]] - former game
* [[Crack of Doom]]
* [[Crack of Doom]] - former game
* [[CTF 2187]]
* [[CTF 2187]] - former game
* [[Exile]]
* [[Exile]] - mostly inactive
* [[Legends]]
* [[Legends]] - Legends game system has various submodules
* [[Legends II: Adventurers in Avalon]]
** [[Legends II: Adventurers in Avalon]]
* [[Legends II: Crown of Chaos]]
** [[Legends II: Crown of Chaos]]
* [[Legends II: Swords of Pelarn]]
** [[Legends II: Swords of Pelarn]]
* [[Middle-earth PBM]]
** [[Legends II: Realm of the Immortals]]
* [[Premier Football]]
** [[Legends II: Twilight Crusade]]
* [[Serim Ral]]
** [[Legends II: North Island Campaign]]
* [[Star Quest]]
** [[Legends II: The One Ring™]] - an official Tolkien licence
** [[Legends III: Blood Tides Rising]]
* [[Middle-earth PBM]] - former licence - game now run by [http://www.middleearthgames.com|M.E. Games Ltd]
* [[Premier Football]] - former game
* [[Serim Ral]] - former licence, no games still running
* [[Star Quest]] - former game
== Notable company personalities former and present ==
== Notable company personalities former and present ==

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Email us...

  • General Enquiries: pbm@harlequingames.com
  • Dean Johnson: dj@harlequingames.com
  • Edward Lane: ed@harlequingames.com

Telephone us... (Monday - Friday, noon - 6.30pm)

  • Overseas Players: +44 (0)29 2062 5665
  • UK Players: 029 2062 5665

Or write to us...

Harlequin Games

Office B

340 North Road


CF14 3BP


Games and former games

Notable company personalities former and present

Sam Roads

Sam is the Legends referee and designated hitter-of-computers-that-just-won't-work. In his spare time he plays board games with Ed and Clint, and online computer games such as Natural Selection. His latest band, Random Note Generator, play radio unfriendly rock. Check them out here: www.randomnotegenerator.com.

Edward Lane

Edward has either been promoted or has been given a load of work when he wasn't looking - he's not sure ;) He is now being the Main GM for most of the newer Legends games, dealing with the setups for new Legends players, and completely runs Legends when Sam is off, sick or both. He spends most evenings out with his girlfriend Michelle or doing 'something different'. Unicycle hockey (yes that's hockey played whilst riding a unicycle) and juggling seem to be the two that take most of the time at the moment, but all of the following items also figure - Capoeira, trapeze, acrobalance, dancing, eating, drinking, general carousing, gaming, riding, stilts, and playing with fire (literally and figuratively). The rest of his spare time is spent collecting bits of foreign languages and talking to new people. He also does some travelling when he gets a chance. He recently had a go in a german wheel (imagine rolling around in a giant hamster wheel - you will have the right picture) and now wants one for his birthday. And, as you may have guessed from this description he has provided, he does tend to talk more than the rest of us...

Dean Johnson

Dean is the latest addition to the company as a Game Master. A player for a number of years, Dean is now bringing his expertise to the company to provide some addtional manpower, allowing the company to focus on new game content and programming changes.

Ross Inglis

Ross Inglis is the Canadian guardian of the Legends code. Before he joined Harlequin he had some Legends success, managing to be in a winning team five times, and in another two that he foolishly dropped before his side went on to win. These days he goes paragliding when the weather is good, and plays board games when the weather is bad. His enthusiasm for games is so great he has willingly playtested new ones for Reiner Knizia on a weekly basis for the last 10 years.

Marcus Taylor

Marcus is the fourth Exile referee, and is continuing the grand tradition with flair. He was previously a keen player of Harlequin hand-moderated games and still plays other PBM games in his spare time.


Furman is Harlequin's Art Director. The artist currently known as 'Furman' lives in Boston and is a life-long 'Lord Of The Rings' fan who has worked as an artist for such diverse companies as Mongoose Publishing, Margaret Weis Prod., Fantasy Flight Games and DC comics. He is greatly looking forward to contributing to Harlequin in 2009 and beyond...