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Galaxy: Alpha is a PBM (Play By Mail) game set in a Multiverse that is torn by an eternal war between Chaos and Order. The history of Galaxy: Alpha is an endless tale of battles between the forces of Light and Darkness, in their myriad of aspects; endless battles that still rage to this very day. Players assume the role of imperator of a race that is just now entering the galactic struggle for Power.

Galaxy: Alpha rule book front cover.

Racial Types

There are four race types available to new players, each one with its advantages and disadvantages. The selection of your racial type is one of the most important decisions you will make in the game, so choose the one that you will most enjoy running.

  • Builders

The Builder race type starts the game with a Civilization Level of 150, an Industrial Index of 500, and a Military Index of 3. It also has double the Mega Jump StarDrive range for its current Generation. Builder races can be any Mental Alignment.

  • Death Globes

Death Globes start the game with a Civilization Level of 120, an Industrial Index of 800, and a Military Index of 7. The have the added ability to move their Base Stars, through the use of the built in star gate, and can orbital mine entire planets for their raw materials. Death Globes are attacked by all other life forms on sight. Death Globes have no Mental Alignment.

  • Thinkers

The Thinker race type starts the game with a Civilization Level of 165, an industrial level of 300, and a military index of 5. Their Civilization Level rises faster than any other player race and have the ability to open Psi Portals between worlds in different star systems through special ground units known as SyncMinds. Thinker race can be any Mental Alignment.

  • Warriors

The Warrior race type starts the game with a Civilization Level of 140, an Industrial Index of 200, and a Military Index of 1. Due to their long history of warfare, Warrior ground units are equal to 25 of any other rate type ground units at the same generation. THis advantage also applies to their Mega Fortresses, Planetary Defense Batteries, and Battle Shields. Warrior races can be any Mental Alignment.


During the Galactic struggle for power over the last ten million cycles, a large number of Empires have attempted to force the entire Galaxy to their will. After eons of savage warfare, only a handful of the most powerful remain. These massive, ancient powers are known as the Elder and the Elites.

Known Player Empires That Once Populated Galaxy: Alpha

  • Warriors of the Light Eternal
  • Chimeran Panarchy (CHI)
  • Tetrad Shadow Warriors (TSW)
  • Imperial Klingon Empire (#135)
  • Empire of Screams (#192)
  • Templar Imperium Galactus (#169)
  • Guardians of the Ebon twilight (#192)
  • Demons of the Dark (#210)
  • Lords of Malnibonne (#213)
  • Regiments of Night (#227)
  • Flame of the Ebon Crystal (#298)
  • Archon Star Concordar (#441)
  • Kzinti Patriarchy (#495)
  • Federation Systems Alliance (#505)
  • Romulan Directorate (#511)
  • Warriors of the Shining Path (#526)
  • Death Stalker Imperium (#581)
  • Guardians of the Inner Circle (#594)
  • Draconis Combine (#601)
  • Genestealer Cult (#605)
  • Exalted Malefic Ascendancy (#650)
  • Disciples of the Shadow Path (#666)
  • Deathdroid Star Empire (#678)
  • Champions of the Blood God (#699)
  • Imperial Saracen Empire (#703)
  • Bloodwych Imperium (#705)
  • Voltron Defense Force (#709)
  • Kzinti Blood Empire (#729)
  • Followers of the Life Way (#847)
  • Order of St. Michael (#771)
  • Death Knights of Krynn (#792)
  • Terminator Star Legions (#808)
  • Followers of the Light Way (#847)
  • Paladins of Darkness (#862)
  • Imperium Infinitum (#863)
  • The Dominion of Perfect Absolution (#890)
  • Confederation of Star Transgressors (#894)
  • Knights of the Black Sabbath (#895)
  • Thorian Empire (#897)
  • Web of Black Fire (#900)

Copyright information

Galaxy: Alpha is ©1989 by B.J. Lockhart.

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