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Quest of the Great Jewels [Flying Dutchman Games]
(03-21-2011, 05:22 PM)GrimFinger Wrote: I was thinking that the game had three races, not four, as the posting in this link states.

Apparently, the domain name QuestForTheGreatJewels.Com expired on March 1st, 2011. A mystery is brewing here. Did Rich Van Ollefen intend, previously, to bring his former PBM game out of retirement?

This thread was the main reason I registered. Thought I was the only one who cared about this game for the longest time.

Really don't know who actually owns the game now, or what they are doing with the property.

Over the last several years I have been getting updates on the game from Mr Jeffery McKee. Since no one seems to be able to get ahold of Mr Jeffery McKee now, including me, and as mentioned here in this thread, the ownership has changed, I'll post some of correspondence.

(5 April 2005

The code is done! But it is buggy, so we are busy in our spare time trying
to get it to work right. Cannot get a game to start yet or build a map but
we are close...
Will keep you posted.)

(16 July 2008

I have had to give up on producing QJ on the web. Someday I may find the
funds and time to do but I am done with local programmers.

QJ is not dead though, it has changed. I have been working on a board game
version of QJ. Believe it or not it is really working out. I have had to
simplify the game but it has a lot of the spirit. I am really suprised how
well it is testing out. I will have a beta version to test locally by the
end of the month. I plan on testing it for most of this year and hope to
have an official version by new years. I will keep you posted on its

Thank you
Jeffrey McKee)

(7 February 2009

I actually finished the board game. Imagine QJ but with just 4-5 players,
smaller map, using miniatures and custom cards. The funny thing is that I
showed it to a few friends and they liked it. Since then I have found an
investor, a new programmer and we are in the process of signing a contract
to resurrect QJ to the web. We have a 16 weeks programming window to get to
beta. It is very exciting, I was going to email you and tell you but I did
not want to get your hopes up until I have seen more progress. I will keep
you posted but just think, in about 20 weeks, we still need some time to
organize, we could be in beta.
talk to you soon,

- I would be interested in that board game. Wished he did something with it, since it was completed.

- For the next correspondence, the domain had been up for a bit, basically just a placeholder letting you know that the game was in the works. I was checking the site weekly to see if it had been updated, and got lucky to catch the game details up on it. It was neat to see the rules and description of the game. Wished I had scanned the site, because it didn't stay on the site very long at all. The following was the explanation for that.

(5 June 2009

Yes I took off the details just for corpyright protection. My partner got
nervous so until we beta test it will be a little vanilla.)

- Following is the remainder of the correspondence:

(18 August 2009

No timetable yet, but we are about a month from testing. I do not want
anything up until legal gives the ok

(16 March 2010

You are correct. Our programmer did a great job on infrastructure but failed in
game mechanics. Back to the drawing board.

- That is the last of what I received from Mr Jeffrey McKee. Sad that things didn't work out for him, and I guess for us too.

So has anyone else heard anything. Do we know if the new owners are doing anything with it? Is there someone to contact so we can let them know there is a fan base of sorts that is interested in the game?

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