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Quest of the Great Jewels [Flying Dutchman Games]
(06-14-2016, 05:40 PM)zorph Wrote: Hi Jeff, Bob, Rich et al.

I am ready to start work on this project. No idea how long it will take. I'm estimating 3-4 months. If any of you have acopy of a printout from an old game, I'd appreciate it as I don't remember what they looked like. I have hard copy of the original rules, but it might be helpful to have any changes RVO made. Also a map. I don't remember how big the original hex map was.



I got rid of almost everything a while back.  I did find a couple 5 inch Mac floppies labeled Quest files and art and test turns, but don't have a way to read them.  I didn't change any rules, just fixed a few bugs that popped up from time to time.  Good Luck.


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