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A Nuclear Disagreement

I have signed up for Comrade Loomis' capitalist offer of a game of Nuclear Destruction for the Soviet-ea price of just ten cents per turn. It is an outrage that he does not price this game in rubles!

The time for talk has passed. The crisis in Ukraine dictates that PBM gamers cannot be trusted. We reserve the nuclear option.

Your surrender is preferable. By all means, flee to your bunkers! You probably lack the strength to push the button, anyway.

Rumors abound that my new assistant editor, Ixnay the Insane, plots a coup d'├ętat, even now. And to think, I treated him as a son - not a very good son, but a son, nonetheless. He has bungled all of his prior attempts at wresting power. I welcome his pending surrender.

It is fortunate that site user Walter is a peacenik, and could not bring himself to avail himself of the nuclear option. I intend to utilize him to mop up the radioactive debris that will follow, in the event that my fellow PBM gamers do not submit to this directive.

And what of this McDowell fellow? Does this Texan lack the gumption for nuclear conflagration? Long has he spent consorting with elves and gnomes. The temptation to target him is great! It is regrettable that he must first seek approval from the dwarven queen, ere he can respond to this challenge. Alamo mushrooms, anyone?

I go, now, to contemplate the architectural superiority of the Kremlin.

[Image: BigIvanBomb.jpg]
Big Ivan
Who else is going to sign up for this game of Nuclear Destruction?
I'm up for it. Where do I sign? I still have a copy of the rules from a rules-pack I ordered off of FB decades ago. Have they changed at all?
(05-06-2014, 08:54 PM)ixnay Wrote: I'm up for it. Where do I sign? I still have a copy of the rules from a rules-pack I ordered off of FB decades ago. Have they changed at all?

I don't know if the rules have changed, since you received the rules pack in question.

To sign up, contact Rick Loomis and tell him that you want the ten cents per turn offer that appeared in Suspense & Decision magazine, Issue # 6, in the PBM Activity Corner.
Has anyone played before? The site says the orders can be filled out in 5 minutes, but how long does one usually spend talking with the other players?

Is it multiple pages of emails per player every day, or is it a few emails a day, a few a week?
I have established an account and wait for the next bit of info on what happens next. Are the rules really just the one page? I went to the strategy articles link which had a one page article that was apparently written 17 years ago. That's all I've found. Is there a map? What are the major and minor countries? I was wondering about when the game might start or some other info but only found this on the rules page: "Please allow up to 10 weeks before asking why your game hasn't started yet - we don't start a new game until we get enough requests to make a reasonable game. Once your game has started, we will send you an account statement with every turn; when your account has less than one turn fee in it, it is time to send more money." Then the lone strategy article says, "The game only costs $2.50 per turn, and the setup fee is $5. The complete rules (the one page) are here on the web at ND RULES.. Turns are run every three weeks, to give non-email players a chance to exchange diplomacy."

I'm just saying, that's what I know so far. One page of rules, one short article by the game designer from about 17 years ago. A statement not to ask about the game status for at least 10 weeks. I didn't see a Sign Up link (although there is a "Send Us Money" link) on the website or a player forum for any discussion. Am I missing something(s)?
Comrades, I see that you have crawled out from your bunkers. I welcome you with vodka and caviar.

Or, perhaps it is with Pepsi and M&M's that I welcome you, but nonetheless, welcome to your pending destruction!
Just sent in my $10. I figured that ought to cover the game for a while, with this 10c/turn $5/setup deal. And if I get knocked out with money still in my account, I might finally try Starweb.

If anyone is still considering joining -- just let them know about the special deal so we can all get in on the same game.
The capitalist buffalo warriors at Flying Buffalo, Inc. send word that our account, crafted from the finest Soviet iron, has been accounted at their Amerikan games foundry in the Arizona Territory.

In the Republic of Texas, McDowell's knees wobble from nuclear fright! Know, Richard, that I will maintain constant vigilance toward your forces. Give me no cause to rain down atomic BBQ fire upon your ancient head!

This shall not be a game for those with weak stomachs. Stand clear, those of a cowardly heritage! Seek refuge in a Kremlin-approved shelter, for your children's sake, if not for your own.
So how is the game going? Anyone knocked out of the game yet?

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