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Call for Submissions for Issue # 6!
(05-03-2014, 06:33 PM)ixnay Wrote: Just submitted an article to you! And ideas/suggestions! And an offer for help this afternoon!

Relax, kid. You'll get your chance to help, starting next issue. I've had issues this past month, as well, many of them. So, I can relate.

I spent the afternoon with my son. We went to eat, and then we trekked to a local flea market.

I just got back home a short while ago. The artist has done the revisions requested to the front cover, and I just finalized it. I'll try to add in the article that you sent to me, but almost everything else is pretty much done (unless I am forgetting something, which seems to be a common feature of our magazine).

I'll respond separately to your PMs.
I will be posting Issue # 6, shortly.

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