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Call for Submissions for Issue # 5 - Submission Deadline is March 20th, 2014
Submission Deadline for Issue # 5: March 20th, 2014

After four issues, we remain but dust on the horizon. We remain the slightest of noise.

That's why I need YOU to send something to me for Issue # 5.

Save the excuses. I have a bag full of excuses, none of which are very useful for making the next issue actually happen, actually become a reality.

How can none of you have anything to say? How can YOU have NOTHING to say? Let the PBM warrior in you do the talking!

We've got to show them that there's something of substance stirring up all of that dust. We need to let them learn that we're more than just noise. I want YOU to help ME to deliver the THUNDER to THEM!!



Be the power source! Be the thunder!!

Send your stuff - your articles and your ads and your photos - to me at:

Submission Deadline for Issue # 5: March 20th, 2014
The artist for the front cover has told me what he would like to do, for the next cover - the front cover to Issue # 5. That was a little under a week ago. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.
A new set of interview questions has been set out. Whether the interview will appear in Issue # 5 or not will depend upon when the responses are submitted.
Just thought that I would post an update on how Issue # 5 is progressing, since we are only 12 days away from the submission deadline for this issue.

Because Suspense & Decision magazine is published on a monthly basis, the call for submissions and the submission deadline appear relatively frequently. Less than two full weeks from the submission deadline, zero articles have been submitted, and zero articles have been written by myself. Going forward, that will give you a comparison point.

I have received a couple of new ads for Issue # 5, by this point in time.

Since no articles for this issue exist, yet, compiling of Issue # 5 can't begin, yet. Receiving articles early in the month allows for more time for editing and compiling. For comparison's sake, where Issue # 4 is concerned, I could have published at least a 40-page magazine for that issue by February 10th. As of March 8th, Issue # 5 couldn't even be a 20 page magazine, not even a 12 page magazine.

Over the course of a month, articles tend to trickle in. That has been the case for every issue, to date.

Not everyone that does read the magazine will end up reading this posting, of course. But, I post it, just the same.

When there are lulls in article submissions, I tend to write more. I much prefer a diverse range of authors for each issue's articles, though. So, if you are both able and willing to help me out with an article for Issue # 5, know that I appreciate your willingness to chip in an article to help bring Issue # 5 to fruition by the publication deadline.

I have finished my first article for Issue # 5. Who amongst our readership will ante up, and match this contribution to our next issue of Suspense & Decision magazine?
I like the new website and the way you have combined the elements together under one page with links to them all. Neat!
Hopefully, you have had more since the 4th of March. Mine is coming in time for the deadline. They get longer and longer. You might try and find readers of your mag in one of the Ultima Online forums. Has no-one here played in the Guardsmen Militia? I found this old website of theirs. If you enjoy going down dungeons and fighting monsters enjoyable its a great guild. But it is also one of the best roleplaying guilds in Europa.

Here are some more links to forums:

You might consider registering on a UO forum to get more readers of your mag, I think they would appreciate it. Interest in UO goes up and down, and my guess is that it is a quiet period just now.
Oops! I missed something for Issue # 4. How did that happen?

Despite the best laid plans of mice and men, my plans go astray.


Maybe I can include it in Issue # 5. It was an ad, not an article, but even still, it's just annoying to miss something.
Issue # 5 is starting to get a little meat on its bones, as a few more articles have begun to manifest themselves for inclusion into our next issue of Suspense & Decision magazine.

Not that it couldn't use more, because it certainly could. I appreciate all those who are taking the time to participate in fleshing out the magazine with your articles and views.

Apparently, most advertisers are on vacation, though. Else, how do I explain the dearth of ads for Issue # 5?
I have a submission for issue 5 in the works -- I'll finish it off tonight.

Also, thanks for the high praise in your blog post! Sometimes the forum is so quiet I wonder if anyone is reading it. I keep posting, because it's fun for me and these game-logs will serve as a great archive of my exploits for posterity.

So let me use my bully pulpit (such as it is) to encourage people to Post On This Forum. Post a game-log, post thoughts on a game, post on the type of game you'd like to play, etc etc. I enjoy every article in each issue of the magazine, and every post I find here on the forum.

As for you, Grim, as I ponder the possibility of meeting you in the field of PBM battle once again, I find myself cackling maniacally. I relish the prospect, noble adversary. Bring It On. ;-)

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