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Issue # 3 (January 2014 Issue) - Suspense & Decision magazine

[Image: Issue3-FrontCover-FinalVersion%28800x1035%29.jpg]

NOTE: Click on the image to download Issue # 3 of Suspense & Decision magazine.
Love this one. Duly plugged on my blog.


Joe / GG
Oops! Quality control is falling down on the job. Readers that have already downloaded issue # 3 might want to re-download it, by clicking on the image link, above.

Seems that when I published it, initially, I incorporated an earlier working draft version of the front cover image. Thus, the erroneous cover image says December 2013 at the top right. The corrected version says January 2014.

And, of course, as is always the case for any issue of Suspense & Decision, from time to time, I will publish updated versions of a given issue, in order to make small corrections, usually dealing with typographical errors. This particular error is a rather glaring one, though - but, it happened. All that we can really do is to try and learn from our mistakes, in the hope of not repeating them in future issues.

My apologies for the inconvenience!
Another great issue, thanks for all your work putting it together

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