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Olympia - G4
If you had miscalculated the days some things would occur (such as on a previous turn I did not factor in that nobles stacked together would ALL incur 7 days time to move to another province, even though only ONE noble (the stack leader) actually issued a MOVE command), then any leftover commands that ended up past day 30 would be queued and rollover into the following turn. If needed a STOP order can be issued as the first order next turn to clear the slate of the queued orders.

Also, re-read "Command Priority" under the Rules page:

Maybe some unexpected interaction of differing priority orders?

(Personally, I expanded all sections of both the Rules page and the Orders page, and saved them locally to view offline for reference.)

Were you using "Claim" for each individual noble to take gold from your faction stockpile? So far that is what i have been doing to keep enough gold on each noble to cover training and upkeep for the attached men.

Although I am searching for someplace to set up camp and harvest some resources that I can sell (need to find another city too); the money will not last for many more turns at the rate I am training soldiers and workers.
Well, I inadvertently had one of my nobles use fast study days by mis-writing orders (meant to do regular study). This wasted 14 fast study days for no purpose, and since that noble was the stack leader, the whole stack ended up moving to another province "ahead of schedule" throwing off the orders of the other nobles in the stack.

Nothing crucial, but wasted a lot of days that could have been spent more productively.

I'll soon have enough soldiers to risk splitting the stack, as it is slow going exploring out here. Is Hilrun nothing but Plains once away from the coast? Sure seems like it so far... Need to find some Forest, or Hills, or Mountains - anyplace I can harvest some resources.
After splitting my nobles into 2 stacks and further exploring a few turns I have found some Forest! I managed 2 whole turns without making any errors, but this last turn I mistakenly had a noble study a skill he already knew, instead of practicing with the "use" order. Oh well was only a time filler while waiting for another noble anyway.

I need to see if there might be a city somewhere in the vicinity to have a marketplace to sell any excess resources I might harvest. If I can get some income coming in, I might upgrade some of my soldiers into pikemen.
In my wanderings about Hilrun, I have passed into the realm of the Mountain Queen.

Flurry of diplomatic messages back & forth as we try to feel each other out.

After all, if a large armed band wandered into your neighborhood you'd be a bit wary too I suppose.

Hopefully we can come to some arrangement in which I can keep moving through peacefully. Maybe we can even conduct a bit of business while I am in the area. Building that castle of hers probably needs a lot of resources to be harvested, maybe I can sell Her Majesty some.
The Realm of the Mountain Queen. I like the sound of that.
Having found a spot to camp for a few turns, have been harvesting resources and making a few weapons. Found a couple of nearby cities.

Sent a noble back in the direction of the Mountain Queen, and was planning to pay a visit and do some business, but upon sending a message was advised that the gates are shut due to possible hostile forces in the area.

Seems a war is brewing in this corner of Hilrun.

Her Majesty seems eager to purchase some weapons, so will return to my camp and train another weaponsmith to accelerate production.

Considering moving the camp as well.
Updated the initial posting in this thread to add a link for the Turn # 29 issue of The Olympia Times.
After 25 turns... still sending in my turn every week Smile

I've kept my position small (only a handful of nobles), plus an Inn I built to use as a base.

I guess I am now an "ally" of the Mountain Queen, although I am trying to keep from being entangled in the larger alliance of players for now.

Maybe "employee" might be a better term than "ally?"

Maybe "feudal underling?" It's an evolving negotiated arrangement.

Supplying weapons and helping to secure some areas with garrisons in return for cold hard cash. I think I'm also expected to report on sightings of potential strangers passing through. (It is not possible from within the game itself to tell if a noble is player-controlled or computer-controlled, or which faction the noble belongs to.)

I think I just might be close to being able to generate enough income to support my 19 men per noble I have been dragging around, without needing more deals with the Mountain Queen, although I do need access to the markets in her cities to have a place to sell resources.

I'd also like to think about upgrading my troops to a better type, but that would increase the amount of pay they need by 50% per turn. That might have to wait until my economic situation improves some more.

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