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Call for Submissions for Issue # 3 - Submission Deadline is January 20th, 2014
Submission Deadline for Issue # 3: January 20th, 2014

Issue # 2 is behind us, now. The time has come to issue the call for submissions for issue # 3.

With issue # 2, the page count went up noticeably from issue # 1. To make that happen - and to continue to happen - requires content, in the form of articles, reviews, advertisements, interviews, etc.. So, sound the Gjallarhorn, and may many respond to its call!

As the magazine continues to grow and evolve, be sure to provide feedback on what you like or dislike. We will likely try different things, as we search out a path to success.

If you're content to just read each issue, then by all means, do that. But, if you care to ante up on your participation, then by all means, feel free to join us, to join this effort to make Suspense & Decision a turn-based gaming magazine that others will be attracted to.

Submissions may be sent to:


Submission Deadline for Issue # 3: January 20th, 2014
The magazine cover for issue # 3 is being worked on, right now - as well as a cover for another future issue.
Well, issue # 3 is right around the bend, and I made very little progress on compiling it over this past weekend. I did, however, manage to accomplish a couple of "game-related" things over the past week.

Somehow or other, I managed to get washed down an underground river in Minecraft. Also, I managed to spend far too much time browsing the Phoenix: BSE forum, asking questions and trying to decide what affiliation to join. Additionally, a Clash of Legends game has started, and what more inopportune time than this weekend.


Nonetheless, issue # 3 of Suspense & Decision is coming together - albeit rather slowly. But, isn't that how it's supposed to be? I'm starting to envy the slower publication schedule that Paper Mayhem and Flagship used to enjoy. Respective editors David Webber and Carol Mulholland would likely want to flog me, for characterizing it that way, were they with us on this journey to publish this digital magazine on a monthly basis.

The last few days have seen a couple of more articles trickle in. So, I'm thinking that we should be in a pretty good position, content-wise. Now, whether readers actually end up agreeing with that assessment is another matter, altogether.

Where advertising is concerned, issue # 3 won't be a banner issue for our advertisers. I am pleased to say, though, that our advertising revenues are not down. Then again, advertising for game companies and game moderators is free, so technically speaking, advertising revenue can't be down.

In all fairness, though, our readership is fairly small. At least, I suspect that it is. I really have no idea how many people either read it or browse it. I do know for a fact that at least a few read it, though. Personally, I think that our advertising rates are a pretty good deal. But, then again, as the publisher and managing editor, I might just be biased and unable to see things clearly on this particular subject.

In any event, the magazine isn't advertising-dependent. So, we continue to march forward with each issue, irrespective of whether those who make and run games have time to advertise with us.

As Suspense & Decision careens from issue to issue, trying to meet or beat publication deadlines, I'll continue to try and reach out to the PBM elements that are out there.

The front cover for issue # 3 has been secured. Whether readers will like it or not, we'll just have to wait and see.

Because Suspense & Decision is still in a state of relative infancy, with only a mere two issues published, to date, I highly suspect that its form will continue to evolve, as the magazine tries to find its footing.

Coverage of games and game companies will include both the positive and the negative, both praise and criticism. It may well include both, at the same time, in any given issue. If we're not covering particular games that you want to read about, then feel free to chime in and castigate us for our lack of coverage. If, however, we're doing OK, then you're probably not being critical enough. Even still, it's always nice to learn that somebody, somewhere is enjoying the fruits of our magazine labor.

And these days, it's a big somewhere. The Internet ensures that, if nothing else. Our readership is widely dispersed. Perhaps the politically correct term is "international." I have no evidence, at of yet, that we have reached an interplanetary audience.

At any rate, it's late here, I am tired, and I should be in bed.
Struggling to meet the midnight deadline, which is a little less than four hours away, Eastern Standard Time.

An article that I wrote a couple of weeks ago has apparently disappeared into the nethervoid of my computer's hard drive. Go figure.

I am behind, behind, behind.


Do I really need to proof-read any of these submissions?
Ack! I am seventeen minutes past the deadline. DAMN!!

I had to renumber about half of the pages. On a positive note, the number of pages continued to increase, once more.

Even still, it's very frustrating to miss that deadline. But, technically speaking, it's still not reached the deadline, yet, in some parts of the world.

::Begins running to avoid gather crowd carrying torches and throwing tomatoes::

It's almost here. I promise!!
OK, it looks as though I am ready to publish issue # 3, with a grand total delay of one hour and five minutes.

My personal apologies to our readers and our advertisers, alike!

I will send a mailing, shortly, to announce issue # 3's arrival.

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