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The Inside Front Cover
The inside front cover page is the page that one encounters in Suspense & Decision magazine, as soon as they flip the page, after looking at the front cover, itself.

My intention for the inside front cover page is to alternate what gets displayed there. It is not space that one can buy. Rather, I extend invitations to different PBM game companies (or to ancestral descendants of PBM gaming) to send me an ad to put in that space.

For issue # 1, I extended an invitation to Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo. An advertisement for Starweb appeared in that space in our first issue.

For issue # 2, I extended an invitation to Steve Tierney of Madhouse to send me an ad for that particular space. I am awaiting a response from Steve.

I felt that rotating what goes in that space would allow for numerous different games by different companies or moderators to enjoy one of the highest visibility spaces that the magazine offers.

My view is that rotating the space in the early issues of the magazine, in particular, would be a good way to highlight PBM and turn-based gaming on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

If the magazine survives, then it's possible that I might eventually change my mind about how to utilize this space of the magazine. With advertising being free, anyway, there's ample opportunity, I feel, for each company and each moderator running games to find a space within the pages of each issue to get their respective game products advertised.

Not all PBM companies have seen fit to advertise in Suspense & Decision magazine, as of yet. But, the magazine is brand spanking new, and everyone may not want to utilize it as a vehicle to advertise their games or their game companies.

Barring myself and Mark both dying or becoming incapacitated, the magazine will likely see a minimum of several issues published. Initially, I set a goal of twelve issues, a monthly rate of publication for a period of one year. It all depends upon there being content to actually publish, of course. That much is common sense.

So far, so good, or so it seems to me, at least. To fill any gaps created by a lack of submissions, I will likely try to ramp up my own writing contributions, so that the magazine maintains more of a magazine feel than the feel of a flyer. Whether Mark will do likewise or not, I don't know. That decision I will leave to him to decide for himself, and for his own reasons.

For any PBM company, turn-based game company, or moderator of the same who wants to make sure that they are not left out of consideration, for when I extend invitations for the space on the inside front cover of future issues of Suspense & Decision magazine, just post in this thread, and I'll review it prior to issuing invitations for future issues.

In the event that any invitation is declined or goes unresponded to, I will either extend an invitation to someone else, or I will simply pick an ad sent to me for a given issue, and place it in that spot.

The magazine, still being new, has to evolve on its own, figuring out along the way what its look and feel should be like. What to do with the inside front cover space is a part of that process.

Thank you for your interest.
You have a lot of good ideas. I like the circulating add idea and I've already added several sites you mention to my pbm bookmark.
I would be interested to know how far my PBM interests are shared by others on this website. For example, how many do sub-creation - write backgrounds to their own positions? How many have played in Keys of Bled? How many have been in Ultima Online? Space Odysseys are clearly popular, though it is not an interest of mine. How about non-violent gaming?
For issue # 3, I extended an invitation to Mica Goldstone of KJC Games to send me an ad for the inside front cover page.
For issue # 4, I extended an invitation to Russ Norris of Rolling Thunder Games to send me an ad for the inside front cover page.
Russ Norris of Rolling Thunder games didn't have an ad ready to go for the inside front cover page of issue # 4.

I then extended an invitation to Toppers over at the the Briny en Garde website to send me an ad for this space. That was on February 18th, 2014, and I have received no response back, as of yet. Accordingly, I will now put something of my choice in that space.

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