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Issue # 1 (November 2013 Issue) - Suspense & Decision magazine
[Image: FrontCover-Issue1-FinalVersion%20(800x1035).png]
NOTE: Click on the image to download Issue # 1 of Suspense & Decision magazine.
If anyone needs a good PDF reader to view the magazine with, I recommend using Sumatra. It's Book View feature will display it, much as if you were reading a magazine in paper format.
Note to Self: Add two additional pages to the interior of issue # 1, to facilitate printing it out using a professional printer.


I was focused upon having an even page count, and in the fleeting hours of the last day of November, the 4-page count increments for actual print versions slipped my mind.


Well, I guess that's why they call it a learning process, huh? Anybody want a free page of ad space? I don't like changing it after the fact of its announcement, but since I intend to mail at least a couple for gifts, of a sort, the page count will have to adhere to the 4-page rule.
Also, for those who may be wondering why a particular article did not appear in issue # 1, I have yet to receive reprint authorization from publications that I wrote to. It may seem a formality, but it is a formality that I am trying to observe, where possible and feasible.

My apologies, and hopefully, permission will be forthcoming, and if so, then I can include the articles so affected in a future issue.
It is a very good first issue. I am only half way through it but I am enjoying it. Thank you for your good work

I have added this to my 2 sites, Briny en Garde and the Agema site so expect some traffic
Well done, I hope that your efforts spawn a new generation of gamers as well as please those already playing
Excellent first issue - looking forward to #2 :-)
Good stuff! Thank you.
I have been occupied with non-game issues for a week, but wanted to post a quick HUZZAH! to you, Grim! I printed out this Issue #1 and I tell you it's an instant classic. Kudos to you, Mark, your graphic artist, and all the contributors on a job Very Well Done!

I have been working my way through it, front-to-back, and have been hungrily devouring every article. I pretty much want to play and blog about every game that was reviewed (though my budget says otherwise). I love the cover art, too, and the title is a great one. (I will confess to being privately crushed that my "Tribal Starfleet Trade Report" idea was not used. Perhaps I will petition you to let me start a monthly column with that title...)

Perhaps most importantly, I now have something I can hand to my board-gaming friends, who look at me in blank confusion when I try to entice them to try PBM. This might just help me recruit a few of these ole drinking buddies...

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