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Greetings from Darth Pedro
Some of you may know me from my long history in hypothetical history.

I am an OLD war-game fanatic, passionate about military history and science fiction; both reading and gaming. I am currently the editor for the Cluster Wars manual site at

I also have recently setup my own website to help propagate some of my ideas and reasoning for making changes and improvements to Cluster Wars. Also to serve my Clan in World of Tanks. You can find my website here, it is a work in progress only being up for less than 2 weeks.

I am also using cyberboard to design and eventually moderate a large WWII era hypothetical wargame called Nine Nations at War.

Let me know if you may be interested in any of the above topics.


Darth Pedro - "If you need an enemy. I am he."
How is progress coming on that CyberBoard game?

Also, how is Cluster Wars coming along, these days? Any news to report?

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