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The Elder
(11-14-2013, 02:50 AM)Pool Boy Wrote: New turns are back!

The bad news

--The colony ship I was prepping for shipping out this turn did not allow a lot of my transfers/addons because I did not have enough lift, which I think is HEN related. Can I just say how stupid this is? Shouldn't it tell me I am doing something wrong and give me the opportunity to correct the orders? <sigh>
--A few other ship addons failed for the same reason but were not strategically important.
--I had a bunch of FCT-5s supposed to come on line and this failed due to not having enough construction workers available. Again - why won't it tell me?! There should be commercial robots, too, that can replace construction workers.
--Raw material supplies are dwindling -- FAST. I need my MIN-3s and MIN-4s to start rolling off the line. That and I need to scrap obsolete gear ASAP.

It used to be that the ship would just not fly(jump or move) if you over loaded it.
Also add-ons of HEN would need to be accounted for in CenCom which it is not as yet.
Regime change!
(01-04-2014, 02:09 AM)Pool Boy Wrote: Regime change!

Internal ruling party collapsed. New ruling party this past turn emerged and, in the struggle, gave way to another new political faction that has taken control!

This is a fancy way of saying I am renaming everything.
When in doubt, ALWAYS double the amount of fuel going on a ship, and throw on some extra SPD, too. Getting stuck without enough gas inches from transport range is AGONY. Sad
Another turn another set of problems. Sad

One issue I appear to have caused by the 'All Except' button being clicked. Which I do not remember ever clicking (must have been one of my cats). That totally screwed up a ship ADDON in fantastic awfulness.

The other issue is that it seems one turn, disassembly of LABs comes from active LABs and not shut down LABs and the next turn, the opposite is true.

I already emailed Vern to see what, if anything is possible to fix this, but I spent a good amount of time this turn to get things right and even got the turn in a day early! It is disheartening to open the current turn and see the mess it is instead of something.....better that I expected.

Oh well. It is just a game.
I can't speak to the details of your stress, but we've all had that feeling at some point along the way. Best of luck with the recovery.
Rest assured that many of us have similar problems and frustrations, chalk that up to the complexity and challenge of Cluster Wars. Please post what you find out about disassembly of LABs. I have reactivated some shut down LAB-1s to put some excess professionals to use but now I need to scrap some LAB-1s to get through an impending METS/NON shortage. It would seem logical that the shutdown labs would/should be disassembled first.
Well, Vern got back to me and was going to manually fix things in the database. He agreed the difference in results for LAB Startup and disassembly ran differently in similar situations, so he was going to fix that.

For the ALLX error I made, he graciously was also going to manually fix that behind the scenes.

Then he borked the database trying to fix this stuff for me (I assume it was just for me) or others based on his email asking everyone to re-download Turn 16 results.

Not expecting that he was going to re-run Turn 16 results ( I did not read his first email, until I'd received both emails - one advising it was going to happen, the next saying please re-download), or I would have asked him (hopefully in time) to fix the other 4 order lines that included ALLX in them on the same ADDON order.

So, what happened, you ask? Well, he did fix the order with ALLX in it involving loads of food. Yay! But he did not look further to see there were 4 other orders lined up after it so I move d a crapload of CNW and PRO to the ship instead of food. Net results were horrible!

LAB production down, no FCT production, ADDONs of different sorts due to lack of CNW. That ship did not have enough LFS capacity for that influx so 20% of them died for a loss of A LOT of POP (a LOT), mostly PROs.

I emailed Vern asking if he could re-re-run the turn, but I am not getting my hopes up. At the end of the day, it is my responsibility to look at my orders and fix them before submitting them. But, in this case, I thought I had everything sorted out with him with the manual edits. If I had read the first email in real-time fashion, I may have responded early enough with the five requested edits so the rerun would include the fix. But I didn't. So no edits, and results arguably worse than before,

Well, I guess I will see what happens and see what he says. If no re-re-run is possible, I'll do my best to recover but losing time (loss of FCT, loss of LAB, loss of assembly capability) and losing that many PROs is a serious blow to my position.
That sounds horrible!

If it's up for a vote, I'd go for a rerun - even thought I didn't have that kind of failure this turn, I have experienced it in past games. It's maddening. I don't mind (as much) losing things to damage from another player, but to have large pieces of the empire disappear in a fury of bad orders just doesn't seem right.

Of course that would set a precedent... so, maybe Vern could just give you the missing pop?

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