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Fallen Empires PBE
Great, thanks. I just sent in my registration form and set up my account. Hope to see you on the plains.
Hail from the Red Hawks. If anyone is working around the cities of Teluna or South Mordan, and wants to work together, let me know. Also, anyone else wants to exchange info or coordinate research, etc, let me know.

This might be of interest to Old Tribes of Crane players

We have had quite a number of players join in the past few weeks and more are always welcome.

Political Figures running cities are almost ready to add to Tribes or Settlements
I have a question about these battle reports. Are the reports posted there just the reports for one player? Or is everyone getting the same report?
The Battle reports cover all the players and all get copies of the reports. They are posted to get interest for the game and give people a feel of what is going on
Fallen Empires PBEM has just published the instructions for players wanting to apply for Political Figure positions. They will start placing the PF positions in September. Looks good, adding another dimension to the world. The positions include city leader, land mercinary (bandit or other), and sea mercinary (pirate, mercinary).
It will be interesting to see how this changes the dynamics of tribal activity, which should be the center of the game.

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