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(02-15-2013, 06:00 AM)Rick McDowell Wrote: Right now you can read a bit more about Alamaze in the forum it is sharing with Fall of Rome at

Wrong link, Rick. Try this one, instead:
I checked out the Fall of Rome/Alamaze forums, but was unable to download the set-up material without logging in as a user.

I tried to register for the Fall of Rome forums and it told me "Your details match those of a known spammer, therefore you have been disallowed registration."

So I clicked on the Contact Us link, which generated an email to, and I received an auto-reply that the user does not exist when I tried to contact them to gain access to the forums.

I signed up on the Fall of Rome game site just fine, then tried the forum again, thinking maybe it cross-checks the email address of forum participants with its user database. No dice. It still says I'm a "known spammer."

Now I have emailed a support address at '' that I found over on the Road of Kings site. If I don't receive a response back, I'll probably just give up and continue dropping all my PBM money on Duel2 and Hyborian War. Pretty frustrating experience so far.
Received a prompt response from support (within an hour) and now have access to the forums.

They appear to have updated the Contact Us email address on their site as well.

Looking forward to checking out the rules and set-up information!
(02-15-2013, 06:00 AM)Rick McDowell Wrote: Hey Guys,

We are getting close. We will have a few (maybe 3) weeks more of internal testing while we get a new Alamaze website up with sign up info, Rules, info on the kingdoms.

Right now you can read a bit more about Alamaze in the forum it is sharing with Fall of Rome at
Glad to hear that Alamaze may be up & running again. Sorry to hear about Phil's passing. Definitely be interested in getting into a new game. Played the Halfling in the 90's coming in 3rd maybe - I financed the Darkelf into a win. Remember exciting & intense phone conversations with the Darkelf player.Cool
Gentlemen, Dwarves, Dragons, Elves, Ancient Ones, Etc.:

The play test is going well. Most of the effort has been on refreshing presentation of the turn results. Website coming on line is a bigger question mark for timetable, but we can start with a limited release doing sign up, queue, etc. manually. You can follow the news on the Alamaze / Fall of Rome forum.

I've attached a file with a brief overview of The Kingdoms. This or something like it will be on the website linking to the detailed 6 or 7 page Kingdom Dossier for each kingdom.

Hope to see you on the forums and then, ruling your kingdom!

Attached Files
.pdf   Introduction to the Kingdoms of Alamaze.pdf (Size: 1.08 MB / Downloads: 23)
You can email me at and I will share the old rules, orders, PowerPoint map, and my new expanded order cheat sheet with you.

I will be playing The Demon Princes in Game 100. The last time I looked, the Giants and Sorcerer were available. There are plenty of open seats in Game 101 as well. I hope to see you there!

I just started an Alamaze Face Book page. Like us there and you might just be glad you did down the road!

Alamaze On Face Book
Game 100 is already filled up, but Game 101 has a number of open positions. We are starting off with just the two games for the first few weeks, so if you want to get in on the action sign up now!

Your kingdoms await. A few positions remain in Game #101.


Starting March 29 if you get in.

The first two games of the relaunched Alamaze are underway. Turn 1 is in the books, Turn 2 fast approaches. Two new games are also filling up, in case anyone else is interested in playing!
Alamaze Classic began its third and fourth games. We have five positions remaining in the fifth game. Sign up, tell your friends.

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