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Galaxy: Alpha [Intergalactic Games]
(08-21-2011, 05:41 PM)Barzimeron Wrote: Hey you guys have any Deathglobe or Sorcery turns.. I would LOVE to see what they got to play with.

I think that you and I are the only former Galaxy: Alpha players present on the site, Barzimeron.

What racial type was the empire that you played? Both of the empires that I played were Thinker races.

(Omega, Cybernetic, no MA, Elder)

This ISC report is classified OMEGA

The cybernetic intelligence known as Omega the Life Destroyer is thought to have created all Death Globes currently known to exist in the Galaxy. Omega first appeared during the early cycles of the First Age. From whence it came, none knew, but soon its presence was felt as it created a large number of gigantic 1000 mile diameter Base Stars to house the cyber intelligence of its minions who later became known as Death Globes. Vast numbers of these metallic horrors were constructed by Omega, and then set to wipe the entire Galaxy free of all life. A vast number of races were destroyed in what was to be called the Cyber-Life War, and it was only the appearance of a Lord of Light battle fleet from GalaxyTonguerime that turned back the tide of death and devastation that swept the Galaxy. Soon, Omega found that even its massed armadas of Death Globe led warcraft could not stand before the Lords battle fleet, and thus ordered all remaining Death Globes into power down mode, and attempted to flee this dimension through a Null Gate one of its research groups had found near the Galactic Core. Its logic was clear; with all remaining Death Globes powered down, it would be extremely difficult for even the Lords of Light to find and eliminate them all, and after a period of time, the Lords would lose interest and depart. Then it could return and execute its Prime Directive. But such was not to be. As Omega was entering the Null Gate, a Light Lord battle group appeared and opened fire, damaging the Null Gate and throwing Omega into a strange dimension with no means of return. This was more than ten million standard cycles in the past, and all thought Omega, if not destroyed, then exiled forever. But recent disturbing reports indicate that Omega has once more entered this dimension, and is seeking to carry out its Prime Directive. Due to the actions of Omega and its Death Globes in seeking the destruction of all life forms, they must collectively be classified as an Alpha+ security risk to the Realm of Stars.

SOURCE: Galaxy: Alpha rule book
(Brak-Tue, Mammal, MA +10, Elder)

This ISC report is classified OMEGA

The Brak-Tue of the Empire of the Eternal Flame of Truth are the self-proclaimed 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and have clashed with the forces of the Council of Chaos since the time of the Cyber-Life War. They have an ancient blood-feud with the Xythrons, and ever since the cataclysmic Battle of the Central Stars they have moved unceasingly to defeat them.

The Brak-Tue are an ursoid-based race. They stand approximately 3.5 meters tall and weigh more than 400 kilos. They are bipedal and have four arms which can work on separate tasks simultaneously.

The Brak-Tue society is based on an extremely rigid code of Honor known as The Walk of Fire. Any deviation from this code carries harsh penalties as dictated by the Book of the One. The society is highly highly group oriented and based upon twelve Clans. The Empire is ruled over by the Emperor, a patron chosen through both bloodlines and strenuous testing that is physically, mentally, and spiritually taxing. The hardest test that the Emperor must face is the Sham'pur, or the Marking of Fire. Through this the Emperor is marked, if he passes, with the favor of the One. Though the Emperor makes most decisions, not one of them is implemented with out a serious debate occurring within the Council of Light. This ensures that all aspects of the problem may be examined and thought out. However, due to the Ealk of Fire, most decisions are made on the timing of actions instead of what to do, and when the timing is decided upon, few forces can stop the might of the Brak-Tue's special Paladins.

The Brak-Tue have declared endless Jihads on the forces of Darkness and Chaos throughout the Galaxy in the attempt to preserve the forces of Order and Light. The Brak-Tue are fanatical in their service to the Light, and recent events within the Empire bode an even greater ill towards the servants of Darkness. With the coronation of the new Brak-Tue Emperor, many strange and mystical events have been reported by our spies. Even greater still, with the discovery of Patrol Central, most, if not all, of our spies have been purged from the Empire. Now the Emperor begins even stranger tasks, and the forces of Light that had remained scattered under the previous ruler are combining again. Due to the Realms business, if certain aspects became known to the current Emperor, their code of Honor would most definitely be violated and they would surely declare Jihad upon the Realm. This would interfere with the orderly conduct of business so the Brak-Tue must be considered a Beta+ security risk to the Realm of Stars.

SOURCE: Galaxy: Alpha rule book
The following players ran the Elder/Elite Empires of Galaxy: Alpha:

Realm of Darkness
MA -10
Player: Unknown

Shadowflame Imperium
MA -15
Player: Mike Wise

Empire of the Eternal Truth
Brak Tue
MA +10
Player: Brad Lampl

Zholgon Imperium
MA 0
Player: Russ Cairns

Empire of Ice
MA -5
Player: Robert Mole

Interstellar Federation
MS +5
Bryan Baker

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