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Baroque and Other eBay "Finds"
Baroque was a little-known PBM game run briefly in 1986 by Game Anvil.

For a mere $150, you can have a copy of the rules (replete with "staple rust"), thanks to a delusional seller on eBay:

This seller has a few other PBM items up for auction at equally inflated prices. Such as: the 1984 edition of the Illuminati rulebook (no staple rust, this time!) for $50. I'll sell you a photocopy of mine for $49.99.

But that ain't nothing compared to the $2000 he wants for Up the Garden Path, an "adventure module" from TSR published in 1986.

If you buy it, I think you'll have been led *down* the garden path...

-- Bob McLain

My own interest in old PBM game materials is simply reading and re-reading them. I'm no collector of such items, though I'm sure that some are.

People collect all sorts of stuff, and at times, they ask outrageous prices for them.
Sell my copy of Baroque for half that! Decent game design, but never really took off. Not really sure why. It had a very short life, maybe a year or so. The game was good enough to compete with most of what was out there. Otto Schmidt was the designer and gm. Played a couple games with him b/4 he got into game design. After Baroque went under I lost track of Mr. Schmidt.

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