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Drakensang Online
I am still around. Oakhand (lvl 39) is elder brother to Elmfist, another ranger (lvl 31). Progress slows down noticeably in all classes after reaching lvl 30. But there are many players now with lvl 55! It doesn't matter, each lvl has it fun parts and challenges. I particularly appreciate the video quality of the images, the forests, and even the cities have their own challenges. The capital of Drakensang is the large city of Kingshill. Many quests and things to purchase here! Quests beyond my ability to achieve I just save for later in the game.

I have found ways to prevent loss of concentration. Keep your equipment simple, not a jumble of different types. Weapons with magic abilities seem to be OK for higher level rangers, but I still try to minimise the rise by keeping it simple even at the price of lower combat values.

The stroke I had in 2010 still badly affects my writing, so am much more clumsy than before. Admire the youngsters with their fast keyboard control. My character would soon die if I tried to do what they do...
Changes have been made to Drakensang, so as a result my postings have become fewer. But I am now getting a better grip of things. Heredur, the main EU server, is where my prime account is, so here are my three best characters: a lvl 32 spellbinder, and my two Rangers (see preceding post for info on these). I still have difficulties doing the cloak tasks, which I do retroactively, that is I get tasks after I have progressed enough, something I have to judge and test the water once in a while. Each cloak level requires getting tasked by the man in charge of the cloaks, so I go to Kingshill to check this out from time to time with this in mind.

There are many side-quests like the one in the kingshill sewers, and the periodic visits I make to quests needing access to the jewel mines. Mostly I have given upon these, they are too difficult for me. I can't keep up with the youngsters...
What are your favorite and least favorite things about Drakensang, to date? What stands out the most? Is there any PBM game that you think came closest, out of all of the PBM games that you have played down through the years?
There have been big changes in Drakensang, with the servers having been moved to Germany (Hamburg). From where is not clear: England because of Brexit? But the company has always been German...The main forum appears to have gone. It won't be missed as you could only ever post while you were in-game. There remain the wikia one, like
Well, Jim, it looks like you can still access this forum, so hopefully that previous headache is behind you, now.

Not really sure why they would want to have their forum set up so that you could only post to it while in the game. If it were me, I would want to play the game, while in the game, and do the whole forum thing as a separate activity apart from the game. But, that's just me. Maybe many liked it. Not sure.
Yes, the forum works very well like this, thank you Grim!

Well, it was a good way to ask the game organisers about the game, any questions we had. But I agree it was awkward though I always made sure I was in an urban area where we are all safe from attack, when using the forum.
We, the players, are now left to our own devices concerning forums for asking questions. The player-run forum (a wiki) is still there but appears to have closed to new posts. But it is still there so can be visited, whereas the main forum for the game cannot be visited.

My main character is the spellweaver Mirageman, lvl 42. I left him for a couple of weeks without submitting turns while I developed my two rangers. Oakhand is still my main ranger, lvl 40, and Elmfist is still forging ahead, completing his cloak-development. I hope to have him go up o lvl 35 soon.
Well, the main forums for Drakensang have re-opened after a period of about a month, so all is back to normal. My two Rangers are both doing well. Oakhand and Elmfist now both have good companions, with the elf-dust embracing them. Elmfist has acquired a very effective short bow with the fastest rate of archer fire I have ever seen, and storms ahead, he is now on level 36. Oakhand is still on level 40, but increasing at his level very well.
Elmfist's rate of archery fire is some 1.18 shots per second, the highest rate of fire I have ever seen. The shortbow he uses is legendary class, which means every time he has to have his gear fixed at the blacksmith this weapon becomes as good as new. Elmfist will keep this weapon permanently. Also he is now at level 37. Progress is much slower from here on.

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