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Ultima Online
Ultima Online Forever has a fine forum, with several sub-forums The forums auto-save posts that are not published, so the posts can be updated later at leisure. The era is one I was not familiar with: pre-2003 when I joined Age of Shadows, which, among other changes, introduced the elven race and so made bows a more useful weapon. It also introduced a new level of skill called Grand Master, a change I didn't particular want to see happen. I eventually abandoned my opposition to help my online friends.

Something I discovered quite by chance was a large collection - many hours - of You Tube music for RPG, called RPG Chillout Music, the imagery of which is very appealing. Some of the sequences are from existing RPGs such as Neverwinter Nights, Gothic 2, Drakensang Online, Planescape Torment, Witcher 2, and Dark Age of Camelot. At some point I may try some of these out.

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