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Ultima Online
Ultima Online Forever is free access, but I chose to donate as my contribution to the game. It is just great to be able to play UO again without the rigmarole of setting up a partition for Microsoft windows on my mac. Hopefully the new owners of  UO will consider opening access to mac users soon.

The main difference is that there is no Trammel, it is all Felucca except at starting when all players may start at Occlo, a town with most basic facilities, and where new characters start with a "Young" status. You do not have to start there, and if you do start there there is a moongate for your character to go elsewhere, upon which you lose your "Young" status. You can return to Occlo at any time the way you came, but without the "Young" status. 

Since I have always played crafters in later years this takes some getting used to, but it works OK for me at the moment, with a rather inexperienced fighter. I hope to be able to develop him as soon as possible.

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