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Issue 10 - Pre-Publication Discussion
OK, lay it on us  - what is up with the future of this magazine?
If you need help (understandable), what do you need?
Not sure. Not even certain that it has one. Maybe Bernd is just busy. Maybe he's distracted by real life. Maybe he's decided to fore go publishing Issue # 10. Maybe he decided that he didn't like it all being dumped on his head, like that.

Besides, why do you assume that anything is needed, at all? Isn't PBM something old guys did 30 years ago before there was the Internet? Who needs a PBM blankie of a magazine? Don't you want people to move past the whole preoccupation with PBM? Maybe that's all that has happened, here, and the magazine ceasing publication is but a natural outgrowth of that.

Nothing was required to start it. Nothing is required to re-start it. It's not a complicated equation, at all.

I haven't received an e-mail from Bernd, recently, so I am not sure what the remaining obstacles are to the publication resuming, with him at the helm.
I sent an e-mail to Bernd, just now, Rick, to inquire about it.
Patience, Grasshopper.
Issue # 10 is being compiled, now.
Way to go!  Just can't keep a good 'zine down.
Very, very exciting news!

(09-11-2015, 05:20 AM)GrimFinger Wrote: Issue # 10 is being compiled, now.

Looking forward to it :-)

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