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GameMaster AWOL ?
I am really worried by Ramblurr's absence. Does anyone know what happened? Is there a chance that Galaxy Alpha will resume?
On may 13th 2001, I sent an e-mail to Far Horizons: The Awakening moderator, Casey, and I asked him:

Any time frame guesstimate of the length of the delay that we are looking at, Casey?

I have not heard back form him yet, however.

Sometimes, bugs take a bit of time to sort through. I don't know how many bugs are the obstacle, at present, nor the severity or complexity of those bugs, code-wise.

Casey might be willing, assuming that he is able, to process our turn results, with the understanding by players that he can't control the results, due to the bugs, until he gets the bugs sorted through. Perhaps it is something that the Voting Policy can be utilized for, since he mentioned it as a possibility, when he made us aware of the bugs, previously.


I wrote an e-mail to Casey again, just now, asking if he had any word on where things stood, at present. If and when he responds, I'll update you.

Hang in there.
Looks like proof of life to me ...!/ramblurr
In case our erstwhile moderator is reading this -- I know how these things go. If there's any way I can help with debugging the software or isolating the problem, let me know. I am a software developer by trade. It can be time-consuming and unpredictably, especially when real life intervenes.

I'll be ready for whenever the game starts back up...

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