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PBM Boneyard
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(04-07-2011, 01:03 AM)JonO Wrote: I second the idea of a wiki. You can set up one at for free for 30 days. You can also grant editing rights to anyone, or just some folks.

Wikia is a good site. You can create nice wikis for free:
My webhost offers the following wiki software types that I can choose from, usinga n auto-installer to install them:


Will any of those work, just fine?
I've installed four different wiki software programs, thus far, and of those four, I think that I like PmWiki the best.

I like using wikis. I just hate editing them.

Maybe this will make a starting point:
Grim, do you really want the games to all continue on the same line as the company name?
I don't know what I want, actually, since I am not well verse in editing wikis. I also don't know if the thing is set up, at present, to preclude spambots from posting on it, or for efforts there to simply be undone by mischievious sorts.
OK. To put each name on a different line, all you have to do is put "//" after the name (without the quotes.) There should be some sort of page accessible to you call "administrator" or "setup" or something like that that should give you the ability of determine who posts and who doesn't - if this wiki allows that.
I think that I am going to try a different wiki software, even though this one seems the easiest of the bunch to use.
Missing companies:

The PBM Express (The Netherlands, Dordrecht, still exists today as wholsesale gameshop
El Mythico
Continental Rails
Supernova (II?)
Adventurer Kings
Family Wars
(check old Flagship issues for more titles, but these cover most)

Fantasia Arena (The Netherlands, Cappelle aan de IJssel, stopped in 1996)
Sterrenoorlog (still runs today as PBE at
Super Vorcon Wars
Archives of all their newsletters:
Interesting Times had a game called Primus Inter Pares, not Privs Inter Pares. Apart from the typo, this was the roleplaying game set in the Roman Empire, you can find it in early issues of Flagship on the Flagship link like here:

But was there not a game like this run by Carol Mulholland in the mid 1990s? I seem to remember having an abbot character in that game, in which I spent time sub-creating the background.
Man, such adventures and memories there, played so many of them.

Oh, Harlequin is still around, y'a'll, just to let you know...

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