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Late turn
Galaxy Alpha turn 15 reports were supposed to be sent out yesterday. Some delay is understandable, but it's 30 hours already... anyone has information what happened to our GameMaster?
Nope. I haven't received my turn results, either.

I think that he travels, a lot. He may not be aware that there is a problem, yet.
I take responsibility for the delay. I was running late and on Wednesday morning I asked if he could hold off on running the turn until evening. He said that would be fine, and I went ahead and missed THAT deadline as well. Early this morning (Thursday) I finally sent in my orders. I had not seen a turn sent out, so I thought I might still be able to sneak my orders in.

Mind you, the whole while I told him that I would be fine if he can't accommodate a delay -- the Consortium would survive.

It might be that he saw I hadn't sent a turn in yesterday evening and has not been able to run the turn since...

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