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Based on a conversation Ram and I had here, I've written up the description of a new piece of equipment for starships and starbases. Right now its being looked at by my brain-trust.

Entertainment for your ship or base's crew is not a luxury but a necessity. Purchasing a virtua-lib provides a morale boost every turn. A virtua-lib is essentially an oversized suit that completely encases a crewmember and feeds recorded images and sounds to his brain while manipulating hydraulic pressure pads to give him the physical sensations to match what the images are showing him. A single library is considered sufficient for 20 crew. Multiple (20 qbic) libraries may be installed in the crew quarters of any ship or base.

New programming for your virtual libraries is something that provides an additional morale boost, but only for thirty earth-days. After that it is considered simply one of the resources available to the library, not a bonus. All libraries aboard have access to all discs, and there is no limit to the number of disks that may be installed, since they have no qbicage.

Discs are often available on Factor Alley. There are three types. From lowest to highest priced, they are:

Classical, which is usually a simulation of attending an event like a symphony, boxing match, or Tri-D movie.

Training, which is a simulation of a situation that is likely to occur aboard a ship or a base.

Adventure, simulations of highly exciting, sometimes erotic, and deeply satisfying episodes that have been created to provide your crew with a chance to experience worlds, real and imaged

Unlike any other equipment in Rimworlds™, there is an earthly cost associated with the purchase of these discs. However, their installation (like all equipment, they are stored in the cargo hold until installed or transferred to another ship) also reduces the next monthly subscription charge by the amount already charged. Discs, in other words, function both as morale boosters within the game and as gift cards that may be used, traded, sold or given away as the player sees fit.

Classical Discs usually sell for cr$ 5,000 and cost $1.00

Training Discs usually sell for cr$ 20,000 and cost $1.50

Adventure Discs usually sell for cr$ 50,000 and cost $3.95

Psaico Note: Although discs are a meta-object, they are also standard equipment within the game. Which means that, under certain circumstances they can be destroyed or liberated by a boarding party. If you are concerned about this possibility, we strongly urge you not to carry discs in your hold, but to install them as soon as you receive them.

Very interesting concept! I like the idea that they have a legitimate ingame use.
One thing I just found out is that many Brits hate a subscription - apparently there's a special tax or something. The discs give them a perfect way of never having a subscription charge leveled against them.
Interesting... I haven't heard that before.

I think they are a particularly useful tool to get new people to experience the game. They can be gifted by friends or won in contests.
Luckily, so can V-discs. ;-)

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