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Species Log: Freesians
Species name: Freesian
Government name: The Corporate Authority
Government type: Corporate Oligarchy

My first transport is built.  Unfortunately, I formatted my command to build some colony units wrong.  As a result, I've got some raw materials to recycle, Economic units to spend, and an empty transport that's just itching to jump.  He has set his navigation computer for a system that is 7 parsecs away.  A whopping 7% mishap probability.  It jumps to 10% mishap on the return trip.  I don't know if I would take a job that had a 1 in 10 chance of exploding.

I decided against a third shipyard.  I think research is more important in these early turns.  My Life Support hardly accommodates anything.  I have to pretty much stumble on a perfect planet.  Using my limited production keeping 3 shipyards running, I feel, will slow down colonization.
with the plethora of more advanced items available, I'm hoping we'll all look back in later turns with giant production machines in place and laugh at how carefully we evaluated all this early stuff. But as you say, getting that bootstrapped seems to be key and raising LS seems to most directly unlock being able to do so in parallel on multiple worlds.
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This turn was really easy for me to set up.  I basically let the AUTO ride.  Let the ships jump where they may.  I added a Build ship command for another TR1.  No colonists.  I figured these scouts pretty much have to be sent to their doom in the interest of science.  Dumped all the rest into LS.
I let the ships jump where they may.  One found a nice juicy planet.  The other ended up in deep space.  A mishap probability of 3.25% and he hits it.  This ships very first jump.  Filled with scared colonists.  Double the mishap chance to get him where I want him.  Not to mention, losing five years.

Due to a massive boycott of the breakfast cereal Frooty Krispers and the candy Nutter Bars, a decision was made by the board to not send our scouts out to their doom, we are calling back our original scout for some upgrading.  He may or may not make that last jump back home.  Hopefully, the research production I put into Gravitics will be fruitful.

I put all of the remaining production I had last turn into Life Support.  As a result, I received a gain in Life Support, as well as Military and Biology.

That was a good turn.
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My first scout has made it back home. That last jump had an 10.91% mishap probability. Breakfast cereal and candy bar consumption has returned to its normal levels. The crew was welcomed back with hometown parades and a much older family than the ones they left behind, what seems to be, only 4 days ago. They will spend the next 5 years updating their ship before their next scouting mission.

I've started sending TR2's to colonize with a 10, 5, 5 CU/AU/IU cargo. The 2 planets I have found both have a 6 LSN for me so there will be no depreciation of the growth of my colonies. I figure if I drop 10 colonists, the growth of the colonists will offset the CU lost from a colony that is less than 50 colonists. I chose TR2's over TR4's due to less risk. Not putting my eggs all in one basket kind of thing. Barring any undue circumstances, I will have 2 planets colonized simultaneously in 2 turns.

My other scouts found nothing of interest. More planets well out of my capability of colonizing.
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