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Species Log: The Most Glorious Giznadalu
Log 5

After tense negotiations, TR1 Ted<15spaces>100, also known as "Little Teddy," has commenced its first run. That's caused a rush. All the houses are building ships. None are funding the science needed to build infrastructure on any planets that we find. To make matters worse, some of the pledges that were made bounced. The invoices for fleet maintenances were misplaced. That oversight will hurt.

Players notes

If recycling paid better, TR1 Ted<15spaces>100 would be on the scrap heap.

I made a false start on an order validator. Need to go back through the manual to get my mind right on transfers. The code is quite obliging on some things. For example, it looks like it accepts both "research 10 ml" and "research ml 10." That makes parsing kind of tricky.
Player's Notes, Turn 18 results

18 turns. Wow. Still not sure what made Raven wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to resurrect this game. Thanks for doing so!

As a player, I haven't seen much action. I've gotten comfortable with the rules (though I'm learning something new almost every turn). I have been watching the other species somewhat relentless march across the cluster. Most everyone has run into at least one species by now. Resources seem plentiful so not much in the way of conflict.

Order entry via e-mail is going well. We've had a few incidents with DOS vs UNIX line terminators, but we've overcome. At least one person has been using a Windows program to manage their position.

The original C engine keeps on cranking out the data. It's been a fairly bug free experience. The biggest change to the engine has been adding a RENAME command. That's mostly because one person was really annoyed at naming his ships "TR1 Ted 100."
Signs of the end-times are being reported from several systems. Markets are failing and open conflict is spreading through the cluster. The Ne Mi Nos have announced that the purge will be spelled with a capital P which rhymes with T, etc. Good times.

Player's Notes

We just completed the second run of Turn 42 (yay bug fixes!). Players are giving the combat system a good workout. The game is winding down and we will run the last turn at the end of March. Time off for road trips and then back to work on the tooling and web site.

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