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Species Log: The Most Glorious Giznadalu
'Any spaces that appear in a name will become part of the name.'
Currently playing TribeNet, Far Horizons, Galac-tac, Supernova, The Isles and Dungeonworld.
Big Grin 
(05-18-2021, 09:09 PM)Fungus Wrote: 'Any spaces that appear in a name will become part of the name.'

They were not kidding [Image: biggrin.png]
Log 5

After tense negotiations, TR1 Ted<15spaces>100, also known as "Little Teddy," has commenced its first run. That's caused a rush. All the houses are building ships. None are funding the science needed to build infrastructure on any planets that we find. To make matters worse, some of the pledges that were made bounced. The invoices for fleet maintenances were misplaced. That oversight will hurt.

Players notes

If recycling paid better, TR1 Ted<15spaces>100 would be on the scrap heap.

I made a false start on an order validator. Need to go back through the manual to get my mind right on transfers. The code is quite obliging on some things. For example, it looks like it accepts both "research 10 ml" and "research ml 10." That makes parsing kind of tricky.
Log 6

Good-bye, TR1 Ted<15Spaces>100. You were a good boy and we will miss you.

Our space program has halted. Apparently some of the orders were submitted on Form 142/AD-vDOS and the shipper was expecting Form 142/AD-vUX. That caused most of our contracts to be routed through the shredder.

We have found two systems that we can colonize.

Player's notes

Beat down this turn because I used Notepad to edit my orders. Seems like that changed the file from a Unix format to DOS and the order processor showed me all of the hate that it could.

On the plus side, this turn I can blame someone other than myself for the mistakes Smile
Log 7

We sent ships to colonize several systems. After the ships confirmed they'd found suitable planets, the colonists were transferred to the surface to begin building mines. The captains realized that the contract didn't require sending down the manufacturing units. Instead, they returned them to the home world. Upon their return, the scientists informed us that the colonies would suffer heavy casualties until we increased the available labor pool. Something about "working day and night" not being good for the soul.

As it turns out, the captains did more than save a few credits by returning the manufacturing units. It costs less to increase the labor pool for a mining base than it does for a colony. Even so, with the limited capacity of our transports, it will take fifty years to send the required laborers to the mining bases.

Player's notes

Learned about population attrition the hard way. I think that I will be doing nothing but building larger transports for the next decade.

Other than that, I was happy with the order processing this turn. I established three new colonies. They won't produce anything for many turns. I can understand the lure of piracy now.
Log 9.5

Two of our outposts have been written off because of bad locations. No interstellar traffic at all. We tried "advertising" our location to no avail. Research and Marketing are now reporting that we need to find the location of alien colonies so that we can beam ads directly to them. Broadcasting at random, while cheap, is not cost-effective at all.

We began construction of a trade center in what looks to be a better location. It's been progressing smoothly. The only issue has been with a few managers lining their pockets. We noticed recently that excess resources were being sold off instead of stockpiled as ordered. Accounting projects that the resources will be worth twice as much once the factories are built out. The managers responsible (as well as their staff, who should have reported them) have been reassigned to special duties.

Once manufacturing is in place, our older freighters will be refurbished and reassigned to Marketing. The freighters will be sent off to find markets. Some of the captains have complained about the one-way nature of deep-space exploration. That shows they have good planning skills, so they're being transferred to our new ships. The old freighters will be staffed with the management teams that failed to complete the trade center.
Player's Notes, Turn 10 results

I spent EU to increase Life Support one level so that I could colonize a planet with a really low Mining Difficulty. My LS jumped 26%.

Transports like to mis-jump. There's a bonus for higher GV, but age overwhelms it. I think that I spent three turns getting one to successfully return to my homeworld so that I could upgrade it. Now that I've upgraded all my transports to Age 1, only one took the scenic route this turn. Would love to be able to build worm-holes between systems.
Log 12

Marketing reports that there is still no sign of intelligent life in the cluster.

We are having some success building manufacturing facilities on two worlds. Research suggests that it will be profitable to build a dockyard at those sites.

Player's Notes

I finally understand how mining difficulty impacts production. I populated a world with a low LSN bit both IU and AU. I'd like to build a shipyard there and turn it into a depot but because of the high MD, I have to dump a ton of resources there first. My transports keep misjumping, so it's also taking precious time. It would have been better to make it a resort colony.
Player's Notes, Turn 18 results

18 turns. Wow. Still not sure what made Raven wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to resurrect this game. Thanks for doing so!

As a player, I haven't seen much action. I've gotten comfortable with the rules (though I'm learning something new almost every turn). I have been watching the other species somewhat relentless march across the cluster. Most everyone has run into at least one species by now. Resources seem plentiful so not much in the way of conflict.

Order entry via e-mail is going well. We've had a few incidents with DOS vs UNIX line terminators, but we've overcome. At least one person has been using a Windows program to manage their position.

The original C engine keeps on cranking out the data. It's been a fairly bug free experience. The biggest change to the engine has been adding a RENAME command. That's mostly because one person was really annoyed at naming his ships "TR1 Ted 100."
Log 19

Finally, we've encountered another species. They arrived quite unexpectedly at one of our malls. They may have left before receiving our circular containing the amazing deals we have.

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